A quasar is a rapidly expanding star that emits light as lasers. Quasars are considered the most spectacular "light show" in the known galaxy. Like pulsars (rotating neutron stars), quasars are known for their productivity of jump points. Their expansions cause dramatic distortions in the space-time fabric which are the structural basis of a jump line.

A quasar has thousands of distinct jump points, and more stable than a pulsar's. Jumping quasars is possible but difficult and dangerous. As they are constantly expanding, their jump points are dangerously near their corona (which are more dangerous than the coronas of most stars). Furthermore, due to the quasar's rapid expansion and the number of jump points, these tend to “jostle” each other constantly in a chaotic and unpredictable pattern.

Pilgrims had the abilities to jump quasars, and later Terran Confederation scientists did not manage to uncover the navigational secrets that made this possible.


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