The Kilrathi Ralarrad-class Light/Escort Destroyer was a fictional capital starship in the Wing Commander universe. The first appearance of these destroyers was in the computer game Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger and served under the Kilrathi Empire.


In the fictional Wing Commander universe, the Kilrathi desperately needed to deploy more ships into their fleet, which brought the production of the Ralarrad-class Light/Escort Destroyer. These light destroyers were deployed shortly before the Battle of Earth and was mainly used for escorts of convoys, carriers or task forces. While it is unknown how many fighters they carried, a reasonable estimate would be around a dozen. They also carried a crew of about 132 Kilrathi. These destroyers were seen on several occasions in Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger. Although not as strong as the Kilrathi Heavy Destroyers, the light/escort destroyers performed their job well. When the Kilrathi War ended, all remaining light/escort destroyers would be refitted for peace time. These destroyers would continue service after the Terran-Kilrathi War as escort destroyers for Kilrathi convoys or transports.

The Light/Escort destroyers were not as large as the Heavy destroyers. The light destroyers had a length of four hundred and fifty meters (eighty meters smaller than the heavy destroyer) and weighed about seventeen thousand metric tonnes (two thouasand metric tonnes less than the heavy destroyer). The Kilrathi light destroyers had eight heavy laser turrets in its arsenal for combating against smaller Confederation capital ships and starfighters. It was also capable of carrying cruise missiles when necessary.

One notable Ralarrad was the vessel that attacked Locanda IV during Operation: Unseen Death, the Kilrathi operation to eradicate the Locanda System. This ship fired five biological warheads at the planet while Confed pilots tried to stop them, causing a virus to spread across the whole system and render it infectious.

Dozens of these vessels made up the Kilrathi Grand Armada that was assigned to destroy Earth in mid-2669. Fortunately, Colonel Christopher Blair delivered the Temblor Bomb to Kilrah two days before the attack, destroying the planet and sending these fearsome ships careening into space where they were all destroyed.

Specifications - Ralarrad-class Light DestroyerEdit


Length: 450 meters

Hull: 17,000 tons


Maximum Velocity: 180 kps

Acceleration: 10 k/s^2

Maximum Yaw: 15 deg/s

Maximum Pitch: 15 deg/s

Maximum Roll: 15 deg/s


Fore Shield: 1500 cm (Phase Shields)

Aft Shield: 1500 cm (Phase Shields)


Forward: 1,000 cm

Left: 1,000 cm

Right: 1,000 cm

Rear: 1,000 cm



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