The Ralatha-class Destroyer was a capital starship used by the Kilrathi Empire. The first appearance of these destroyers was in the computer game Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi.


The Kilrathi sought to replace the older Ralari-class Destroyer and started development of the newer Ralatha-class destroyer. It is similar in design to the Confederation Gilgamesh-class Destroyer and is extremely powerful. It is developed on the Kilrathi design philosophy of heavy offensive and defense. The destroyer's heavy guns, superior acceleration, and incredibly powerful phase shields give the destroyer an extremely high survival rate. The ship mounted two anti-matter guns and two flak cannons. As a result of the heavy point defense mounts, it is extremely dangerous to make torpedo runs against the destroyer.

Unlike most Confederation destroyers and previous Ralari-class destroyers, the Ralatha carries a small number of fighters and the ability to carry fighters is one of the reason why the Kilrathi destroyer is slightly larger than similar ship classes. A total of twenty-three starfighters are carried onboard a Ralatha destroyer. These fighters are normally used as protection for the destroyer or fleets it is escorting. The Kilrathi destroyer also houses two shuttles compared to a single shuttle on the Confederation Gilgamesh-class.

The Ralatha-class destroyer was considered the most dangerous of Kilrathi ship designs but since then, newer Kilrathi destroyers have entered service shortly before the Battle of Earth in 2668, and the Ralatha-class destroyer have became obsolete. Since then, the ship has been transferred to less important sectors, where its high acceleration makes it extremely effective at chasing down pirates or raiders. It is actually superior in acceleration compared to the newer, more powerful destroyer classes which replaced it.

One notable Ralatha-class Destroyer was the KIS Hha'ifra, which served as Crown Prince Thrakhath nar Kiranka's flagship from 2656 to 2668. It also was commanded by Khasra Fireclaw, Thrakhath's cousin. Colonel Christopher Blair never fought the ship in combat, so it continued to serve even after the Enigma Campaign. It was the ship that saved Thrakhath after Blair shot him down at K'tithrak Mang in 2667. By 2669, Thrakhath replaced the Hha'ifra with the KIS Hvar'kann as his flagship.


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