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Ralgha nar Hhallas
Rank Lord/Colonel
Gender Male
Race Kilrathi
Born 2641
Birthplace Hhallas
Died 2669.267 (Aged 28)
Affiliation Terran Confederation/Kilrathi Empire
First appearance Wing Commander I (Mentioned Only), Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi
Last appearance Template:Wc3
Played by John Schuck

Ralgha "Hobbes" nar Hhallas was a Kilrathi, greatly loyal to the Terran Confederation, his sense of duty and justice not clicking well with the brutality and savagery of the Kilrathi Empire. Ralgha nar Hhallas was the commander of the cruiser KIS Ras Nik'ra, whose doubts about the Kilrathi Empire's righteousness led to his defection[1]. He acted in a series of campaigns against the Kilrathi, opposed to their concept of total war and the brutal destruction of humanity at its roots.

Personal biographyEdit

He was born a Thrak'hra native on the planet Hhallas. During his childhood he was a friend with his beloved Hassa. In his service he had Kirha, a loyal cub from a framily that served his hrai for generations. He left his home planet when he chose the path of politics and military and spent the following years in officer's training on Kilrah.[2]

At a troop review lowborn Jahkai had pretended to noble airs by imitating the highborn bringing shame on them. Ralgha in turn shamed Jahkai mocking him and laughing in his face, without knowing that he was the Kalrahr of Imperial Security for the Ghorah Khar System. The two hated each other ever since.[2]

As the commanding officer of the KIS Ras Nik'hra, a Fralthi-class cruiser that had fought in many battles, he fought in the Terran-Kilrathi War. His joy was taunting and killing humans for the glory of the Empire and winning honor for his hrai.[2]

As a Kilrathi, he hated all humans, until on the war-torn Kilrathi colony of Ghorah Khar he saw a Kilra'hra killing a human child. Not wanting to have a stain on his honor, he decided to rescue that child. Witnessing the honorless cruelty of his people, he abandoned everything he had believed in. Ralgha also believed that human slaves are a shame in the Empire.[3]

One day the humans made a retaliatory attack on Hhallas. While Ralgha was fighting, the local kalrahr mistakenly fired on the ship where his hrai, and their retainer were aboard. Kirha asked to serve with him on Ras Nik'hra to fight humans in vengeance. Because of this tragic event, Ralgha realized that the Terran-Kilrathi War was a meaningless stalemate, and the only purpose of the tremendous losses was the honor of the Kilrathi Emperor.[2]

His beloved Hassa had become a priestess of Sivar and had formed the rebellion against the Kilrathi Emperor. In 2653 she brought him in the organization and he swore an oath to the Council that he would aid them and started working with the rebels.[2]

He fought against the Terran Confederation in the Vega Sector. In one of his most glorious moments, he participated in a hours-long battle maneuvering against the Terran Waterloo-class TCS Leningrad, until the ship was destroyed killing 500 humans on board.[2]

His old enemy Jahkai relayed his suspicions to Prince Thrakhath nar Kiranka. Ralgha was arrested for treason and taken to the Imperial Intelligence Headquarters on Ghorah Khar. He had been locked in a dark, damp cell for 10 days, often without sleep, and questioned day and night. As he was a lord, the interrogators didn't dare to touch him (at least without the decree of the Emperor) so they resolved in taunting him to provoke his killing-rage, something that would "prove" his guilt. During interrogations he answered questions and suffered taunts, fighting his rage. The last interrogation lasted over 5 hours by Jahkai and his life depended on his word. Prince Thrakhath, was present that time, and was tired of this scene. He declared Ralgha innocent, shaming Jahkai. As Ralgha was leaving victorious, Jahkai provoked him, but Ralgha reminded him his rank.[2]

Ralgha was ready to return to his ship and leave for the N'Tanya System to join the strike force departing for the Terran frontier, however Esther a female human slave of Hassa, asked him to meet with her ιν the local Temple of Sivar. There Hassa told him about the Council's decision while he was in prison; they will need the help of the Terrans for their cause, and Ralgha was to act as their ambassador; as a move of good faith he would meet with the TCS Tiger's Claw in the Firekka system and surrender his ship to them, expecting for their forces to overthrow the Emperor. Ralgha was reluctant to agree, but he submitted to his oath. Before leaving, they realized that troops of the Intelligence were looking for Hassa, so Ralgha sneaked through the back door of the temple.[2]

He was commanding one of the Kilrathi battle fleets that were arriving to Firekka. He sent a coded vidlink transmission to Confed HQ requesting asylum for himself and his top officers, supplying the Confed forces with his Fralthi-class and 20 Dralthis that were with them. Hearing this, pilots from the TCS Austin boarded and captured the ship, which was brought to the TCS Tiger's Claw.[4]
If the player fails to protect the Fralthi, the debriefing states that Ralgha managed to eject, ensuring his survival for the scenario.

As a defector he supplied the TCS Tiger's Claw with Dralthi Mk. II.[5] Many humans initially distrusted him, such as Shotglass. He was transferred to Confed HQ for debriefing.[6] He volunteered for a trank-chem interrogation with neo-scopalamine by Dr. Khalsa and revealed that the purpose of the Kilrathi in Firekka was the Way of Sivar ceremony.[7]

Ralgha worked with James Taggart allowing the Confed to capture Ghorah Khar.[8] While there, he also saved Paladin's life and the two started a long friendship.[9]

He eventually proved himself to his humans counterparts and became one of the Confederation's top pilots. Downtown gave him his callsign as a homage to an ancient Terran philosopher because of his wisdom.[10]

The Wing Commander III novelization suggests he is named after the sophisticated stuffed tiger Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes comic strip, who is in turn named after Thomas Hobbes; the same reference incorrectly states that it was Blair who bestowed Ralgha's callsign.

Vengeance of the KilrathiEdit

He served as a pilot on the TCS Concordia. He would complain for being assigned only "busy work" missions instead fighting in the front lines. The reason was that his presence among the Confed was considered too imporant for Geoffrey Tolwyn to afford losing him in more risky missions.[10]

He was introduced to Maverick while playing a hand of Five-card draw with Spirit, Stingray and Jazz.[11][12]}}

He was assigned by Jeannette Devereaux to fly patrol with Maverick in F-44G Rapiers. Hobbes was not happy to fly "busy-work" instead of a "real mission" and Maverick was not happy to fly with a Kilrathi traitor as his wingleader, but Angel insisted. Hobbes already knew Maverick's reputation and did not share Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn's opinion on him and ordered Maverick to act as the wing's wingleader in order to witness his abilities. During the patrol they encountered Kur Human-Killer in a Grikath.[13] Later Maverick and Ralgha were sent to escort Bonnie Heather to the Concordia; they found it under attack by a wing of Jalkehis and fought them off before leading the ship and its captain, James Taggart, to the Concordia.[10] The two were ordered by Geoffrey Tolwyn to save Olympus Station from a Kilrathi strike force led by a Kamekh-class, and in the meantime to defend the Concordia;[14] on their way back, they defended the Station once more before returning to the Concordia.[3]

Because of Maverick's negative reputation, Hobbes took the credit alone as the savior of the Olympus Station.[3]

Ralgha was in the Observation Deck while Sringray was lamenting the death of his wingman, Dallas, because of malfunctions. Ralgha noted the unlikely series of malfunctions, which Stingray believed to be a result of sabotage. Ralgha on the other hand did not share this view as a saboteur would gain nothing from the death of a young pilot. This remark enraged Stingray, who accused Ralgha for being the spy on the ship.[15] Ralgha earned Stingray's hatred.

While Spirit was coping with rumors that she was a member of the Society of the Mandarins, she was assigned to fly with Maverick. This caused some bitter comments by Stingray, who publicly said that Spirit and the "Coward of K'Tithrak Mang" deserve each other. Hobbes stood forth to defend Maverick's honor and provoked Stingray to be treated as false accusers are treated on Hhallas. Devereaux ordered both of them in her office. A later incident found them fighting in hand-to-hand combat until they were sent to Sickbay with cuts and bruises.[16]

When Paladin returned to the Concordia Hobbes played another game of poker with his friends Paladin, Maverick and Downtown, while hearing one of Paladin's stories (which Ralgha already heard countless times) teasing each other.[9]

Hobbes was struck by Downtown's death while retreating from Tesla and he lamented his loss at the flight deck. He realized that he saw him like a son. Maverick offered him Paladin's Sukhar May'ya and left him alone.[17]

In the Enigma system he shared a drink with Maverick, Jazz and Stingray, who was puzzled about the secrecy going on in the ship. Hobbes explained that they are in a vulnerable position, and shared Maverick's wish for Confed's success.[18] Later, while playing cards with the other officers and discussing about their lives after the War, he expressed his worries that he won't have a home to go after it. He dispeled Doomsday's pessimism that the Kilrathi Empire is corrupt, evil and decadent, and can't possibly win the War.[19]

He later was present at the victory celebration onboard the Concordia.[20]

Heart of the TigerEdit


Years later the Terran Confederation, panicked by recent incursions near Earth, attempt to up the stakes of the war by building weapons of mass destruction capable of destroying Kilrah. This acts as an echo to the A-Bomb strikes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II in 1945. The hope is that by destroying Kilrah, and thus killing the Emperor, the Kilrathi would lose any centralization and will to fight, and sign a peace accord with the Terran Confederation. Despite his personal feelings about such a plot, Hobbes continues to serve loyally alongside his longtime friend Christopher Blair. During their time on the TCS Victory, Blair is one of the only people who fully trust Hobbes.

Midway through the course of the game, it is revealed that Hobbes has transmitted confidential information to the Kilrathi, including schematics of the TCS Behemoth and the T-Bomb. The pilot Cobra attempts to stop him, but he quickly kills her and makes off with a Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter.

Hobbes is killed on 2669.267 attempting to defend the Kilrathi homeworld, Kilrah, against Colonel Christopher Blair.

Even though Cobra's murder had turned Blair and Hobbes into enemies, Hobbes still retained his admiration and respect for the Colonel. Despite the fact that he would no choice but to kill him in combat the next time that they met, Hobbes still considered Blair a friend.


As a highborn, Ralgha sported a bright sleek pelt, with the colors and patterns of his noble family.[2]

Hobbes did not think high of Jazz, and for some time, Stingray. When Jazz said something offensive, Hobbes replied that he rarely listens to what he says.[21]

There is some debate over the source of Hobbes' betrayal. One theory holds that this was a voluntary, moral act, as a response to the potential actions of the Confed military.

It appears that Hobbes was earlier a personality construct on the orders of Prince Thrakhath. Hobbes was a sleeper agent, infiltrated into the Confederation. A key phrase ("The Heart of the Tiger") spoken by Thrakath during a transmission to Colonel Blair had awakened Hobbes' true personality. The newly awakened Hobbes still retained considerable respect and admiration for Col. Blair.

This theory is supported by video clips such as a "Hobbes explanation scene" that were cut from the PC version of Wing Commander 3 but appear in the 3DO and Playstation versions which confirm that Ralgha was a sleeper agent in the original, filmed game script.[22][23]

Other mediaEdit

  • Ralgha also appeared in the Freedom Flight and Heart of the Tiger novelizations.


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