Rapier 13 is a rapier seen in the movie Wing Commander.


It was marked as flown by Lt. "Charles Chen" (aka Kien Chen of WC1 according to the Handbook). It is later used by Christopher Blair with the name repainted. It is a CF-117b Rapier.

Blair discovers it when he goes to another bay after seeing Gerald and Sansky on the bridge. The bay where Rapier 13 is kept is is filled only with the CF-117b Rapiers.

Not to be confused with Rapier 35 in hanger bay C (a F44-A Rapier).

Behind the scenesEdit

Number 13 may also appear in other scenes flown by other pilots/actors in take off scenes.

Rapier 13 is also used as stock footage used in the Handbook for generic stock image in Joan's Ships of Known Space which was in-universe published before 2654.074.

In the novel Rapier 35 flown by "Vince Chen" appears instead. It is strongly suggested to be an older model F44-A Rapier in Pilgrim Stars, and it was located in Bay C along with the Diligent, Scimitars, Hornets, Broadswords, Raptors and other F44-A Rapiers.

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