Lieutenant Colonel Raymond Blakely was a famous pilot of the Terran-Kilrathi War. He had designed and implemented the mine and jump point strategy of the Enyo Engagement thus saving a quarter million hostages from Kilrathi orbital guns. The savior of Enyo was the most honored hero in TCSN history.[1]

During his career, he was engaged in a pitched dogfight against Dakhath nar Sihkag that lasted more than 60 minutes. They went round and round for about 40 minutes, each just feeling the other out and evaluating the performance of the other's fighter. Eventually Blakely found himself right on Dakhath's tail and launched a Javelin HS missile. He tried to "support" the missile with Laser Cannons, only to make his missile explode. Dakhath escaped from the explosion and fled.[1]

He flew his last combat mission in 2643.[1]

He went on to teach Strategy and Tactics at the Terran Confederation Space Naval Academy. Lieutenant Colonel Blakely taught Section 04 of Strategy and Tactics (which was the toughest class in the first-year curriculum) to the 201st Class in which Carl T. LaFong was a student. It was Blakely who taught him to have a purpose behind every maneuver and a target within range for every shot; to be a flight leader and a wingman; when to be cautious, when to be aggressive, and when to turn and run.[1]

LaFong felt he owed him his survival.[1] Eagle wrote a message in Christopher Blair's senior album telling him it was time to tell Blakely who switched the Sim wires before finals, and wanted to know if he could blame it all on Blair.[2]


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Behind the scenesEdit

This maybe the instructor in charge of the Train-Sims in the WCA TV series.

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