Raznick "Boss" was the Flight Boss onboard the CS Tiger Claw. He threatened to take Marshall's wings, after the wing leader heard about it. He had been training on his off-duty to fly CF-131 Broadswords.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the novel trilogy and the movie the Flight Boss and the Deckmaster/Deck Boss Peterson are two separate characters. In the novel Raznick is Peterson's superior.

In the Handbook Peterson appears to be the Deck Boss & Flight Boss and thus the superior to everyone else in the hangers. The rules by Peterson would imply that the Raznick's scenes in the movie have been reduced down to Flight Control Officer, and subordinate to G. Peterson. However in the movie the two never interact, and it's the Flight Boss/Raznick character who threatens to strip Maniac's wings over the intercom, not the Peterson character.

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