The Razor-class Light Fighter was a spacecraft in the Wing Commander series. Its first and only appearance was in Wing Commander 4: The Price of Freedom (1996). It was not a playable fighter in the game.

The Razor was in the employ of pirate forces and by proxy the "Black Lance" during the Border Worlds Conflict of 2673. It was produced by Martina Nostra, a space manufacturer. It was 12 meters long and 13 metric tons. It could travel at a maximum of 550 kilometers per second. It could also travel at 1200 kilometers per second with its afterburners at full power. It held two laser cannons and two ion guns.

The Razor made several appearances throughout the course of the Black Lance Conspiracy during 2673. The conspiracy used them to provoke war between the Terran Confederation and the Union of Border Worlds. When Colonel Christopher Blair and Major Todd Marshall were rejoining Confederation naval service in the Nephele System, two Razors tried to destroy them before they reached the nearby Orlando Depot. Blair and Marshall made short work out of them. They continued to pop up in the Hellespont Campaign after this incident. They also cooperated in an attack on a Kilrathi convoy being led by Melek nar Kiranka in the Pasqual System. This ambush was foiled by Blair and his Border Worlds allies. Finally, they were last seen serving in the mercenary-instigated Circe Civil War. After this campaign, they were not seen again.

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