The Reavers are a division of Terran Confederation elite marine units from the Scandinavian nations of Earth.

During Operation: Thor's Hammer they were assigned to enter Empire of Kilrah territory in order to divert the Empire's attention as the TCS Tiger's Claw hunted down the superweapon that devastated Goddard Colony. They arrived with the Sleipnir convoy of Drayman-class transports which were protected by Prankster and Angel in the Border Zone system and were escorted until they jumped to their destinations.[1]

Operating near Midgard system, Reavers captured an intact Dralthi class fighter and delivered it back to the Claw so that technicians would salvage tactical data from that ship.[2]

Other survivors managed to reach the Jotunheim system with the Drayman and gathered information about the weapon. They were escorted by Maverick and Spirit to the Claw with useful information.[3]


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