This article is non-canon.

After some failures in the Operation: Thor's Hammer, the Confederation fleet is forced to retreat Kilrathi Empire space for Vega Sector.

  1. Believing that Kilrathi forces will gather near the border to pursue the TCS Tiger's Claw on its way out, Peter Halcyon decided to disrupt their scouts hoping to avoid the main retaliatory forces. Prankster and Maniac flew Scimitars as Iota Wing around several points and encountered a Fralthi-class with a Krant escort, wings of Dralthis, and 2 Ralari-class with their Gratha escort.[1]
  2. While nearing the border, the Claw was under Code Red alert. Several Kilrathi inbounds approached from several directtions. All pilots launched wing after wing. Prankster and Maniac flew as Upsilon Wing and defended the Claw against Dralthis and Grathas (and Jalthis).[2]
Although strategy guides mention only Dralthis and Grathas, an additional wing of Jalthis follows, at least in some cases.


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