Rikik is a Firekkan of the WhiteFlower clan, the daughter of Kree'Kai. Her mother chose her to succeed her as clan leader.

When her renegade aunt K'Kai visited their family for a mainmeal, Rikik joined her who had retreated from the flock-dance. Rikik was curious about the stars and life in the "metal nests", and expressed her wish to see all these. Her mother spotted them conversing and called her back to the dance.[1]

When the Kilrathi invaded the planet, her mother and aunt led the resistance, and the Kilrathi concentrated against their flock. Rikik was captured and taken on a Kilrathi corvette along with flock-leaders and leader-kindreds; it landed next to the largest ship in a valley and her group of hostages were forced into the hold of the larger ship. Seeing her, Kree'Kai dived to save her but was shot by a ship's cannon. K'Kai heard Rikik screaming her mother's name, as a Kilrathi guard shoved her into the airlock of the ship, which took off.[2]


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