Ross Baldwin
Rank Lieutenant[1]
Gender Male
Race Human
Job Pilot
Died 2665
Affiliation Terran Confederation
First appearance Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi

Ross Baldwin is a Terran Confederation pilot serving on the TCS Concordia.


Baldwin used to be a slave on Ghorah Khar a Kilrathi planet.[2] While still young and defenseless, a Kilra'hra was about to kill him. Luckily Ralgha nar Hhallas was also present, and seeing this honorless action, he rescued Ross. Seeing the cruelty of his own people, Ralgha abandoned everything he had believed in/[3] The planet later seceded from the Empire.

Baldwin escaped slavery and enrolled the Terran Navy.[4] By 2665 he served as a pilot on the Concordia.

When Ralgha defected to the Confederation, Downtown gave his callsign, "Hobbes", after an ancient Terran philosopher considering him very wise.[5]

Vengeance of the KilrathiEdit

Downtown niven

With Blair on Niven

He had seen Maverick on the ship during briefings. As he knew Ghorah Khar, he flew escort for a food transport from Ghorah Khar to Niven. He first talked with Maverick while he also was stationed for a mission to Niven.[2] Because of his absence, he was excluded from being a suspect for McGuffin's murder.[5]

In the losing scenario, this meeting happens on Ghorah Khar instead of Niven.[6]

While their ship was on the Ghorah Khar system, he had a brief talk with Maverick and Doomsday about the traitors and the Society of the Mandarins and explained their motives and origin of the name. While the Mandarins were traitors, Downtown felt that Hobbes was a defector but far from being a traitor.[5]

In Heaven's Gate Downtown played cards with Maverick, Jazz and Stingray. Downtown expressed his concerns about how difficult it would be to retake the starbase and Jazz jokingly compared him to Doomsday and suggested to tattoo his face on the next shore leave.[7]

In Tesla he shared Jazz's thoughts that the system was teeming with Kilrathi and he was worried about the two carriers that approached. Maverick commented that he had seen worse, like in Firekka system.[8]

Shortly before the Concordia jumped to Enigma, Downtown was ambushed by 10 Drakhris. He fought bravely but he lost.

Hobbes was affected by his death, as he used to view him like a son.[9]


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