Template:Picture The third planet of the Rostov system, a jungle world. As it was inhabited by a native race of primitive sentients, the Mopoks, the Terran Confederation policy would not authorize colonization, but would allow scientific missions, and other unregulated settlement, full of the usual spaceport scum-and-villainy crowd. A known location was Rita's Cantina, whose owner Shotglass knew.

On the other hand, the planet was an ideal target for the Kilrathi (minerals, jungle, potential slaves) so during the Vega Campaign the TCS Tiger's Claw entered the system to protect the natives.[1]

The advancing Human warships drove the Kilrathi fleet away. Some marines had descended to Rostov III and were stranded there, to be captured by the native Mopoks.[2]

In the non-canon, losing scenario of Kurasawa and Rostov series, the Kilrathi starships conquer the Human fleet while marines round up the Mopoks and execute the human marines and scientists protecting them.


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