Type Light Fighter[1]
Length 24m[1]
Weapons Laser Cannons (2), Dumb-Fire Missile[1]
Shield 3.5cm[1]
Hull 3/1.5/2cm[1]
Speed 300/480 kps[1]
Yaw/Pitch/Roll 14/12/12dps[1]
Affiliation Empire of Kilrah
First appearance Wing Commander I

Salthi a light starfighter used by the Kilrathi Empire.


This type of Salthi obviously replaced the earlier and smaller KF-227 Salthi by mid-2654.

Wings of Salthi were to be found throughout the Vega Sector.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]

Kilrathi Ace Bhurak nar Caxki flew a Salthi.[10] He led a wing of Salthis against a vital Terran Confederation Drayman-class transport in McAuliffe.[11]

A wing of Salthis attacked an Exeter-class in the Cheng-Du system.[12] Salthis also pursued a refugee Drayman in the Hell's Kitchen system.[13] A wing of Salthis was escorting a Fralthi-class in Venice[14] and also guarded the Vega Sector Star Post.[15]

Pilots of the TCS Tiger's Claw engaged several Salthis inside Kilrathi territory during the Claws incursion in Operation: Thor's Hammer.[16][17][18][19]


Although larger ship, its weight, weapon loadout, armor and weapons were largely the same as the KF-227.

Salthis always turn to the left, obviously owing to the arrangemend of their engines and ducts.[20] Their weakness was their weak aft and side shields, consisting them vulnerable when they change direction and seemed to hang suspended in space for a few seconds. Salthis aren't strong enough against a heavy Raptor, but their speed and acceleration counters this.[21]


The Academy Years give the following AI mechanics for Salthis encountered in the first game.

Salthi AI
No Damage Medium Damage Almost Destroyed
Enemy Near 70% try to tail; 30% random offense 80% try to tail; 20% random offense Run away at full afterburners
Enemy Slow 80% strafe attack; 20% get distance 50% strafe attack; 50% try to tail
Enemy Far Intercept enemy fighter
Enemy Tailing 90% break left; 10% random defense
Head-to-Head 50% random defense; 50% random offense 80% random defense; 20% rand. offense
Missile Coming Random defense 20% break left; 80% random defense
Laser Hit Random defense 25% break left; 75% random defense
On Enemy Tail random offense
Enemy Destroyed veer away


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