KF-227 Salthi light fighter

The fictional Salthi light fighter is a Kilrathi light fighter from Chris Roberts's Wing Commander series of computer games. Its first appearance was in the computer game Wing Commander. A known variant is the KF-227 Salthi


In the fictional Wing Commander universe, the Kilrathi have always relied on light fighters more than the Confederation. One of the best known design used by the Kilrathi is the Salthi light fighter. A peculiarity in the ducting of the engines results in this fighter's distinctive tendency to exclusively make left turns when maneuvering[1]. Shields are a third less powerful than those which are mounted on the contemporary Confederation Hornet Light Fighter and mounts only about half the armor. While lightly armored and armed, with two laser cannons and a single dumbfire missile, the light starfighter is extremely fast and has been in service with the Kilrathi military for decades. While the fighter is outclassed by virtually all Confederation fighters, a swarm of these fighters can be extremely dangerous. They served with the Kilrathi fleet until the Battle of Earthin 2668, and were then put on second-line assignments or sold.

The Kilrathi have sold a number of their Salthi light fighters to the radical "Church of Man" group. This group modified the Salthi fighter, replacing the single missile and added stealth technology and Steltek guns. Any other specifications on the groups' modified Salthi fighter are unknown.


  1. Paladin: That day, we learned that a Salthi will always turn ta the left. It’s got somethin' ta do with the way 'er engines an' ducts are arranged. So when you tail a Salthi, watch ta the left. That's where 'e'll go when 'e makes 'is break. Template:Cite video game

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