Uncle Samuel is the husband of Jennifer Blair (the sister of Arnold Blair). He and his wife worked hard to raise Christopher Blair when his parents had died.


Samuel is a farmer on Nephele, his farm stood four hundred kilometers from the nearest metroplex.[1]

Normally is bearded man wearing farmer's coveralls. But on special occasions is known to shave and wear an expensive suit. Visiting the grave of Devi Soulsong on Nephele is one such occasion.

He once took Christopher Blair on his eighth birthday following a news-net story exposing Blair's background as a Pilgrim, and after losing his friends, to show him his mother's grave and tell him about his pilgrim heritage. He told him not to believe everything he hears, and that there was nothing to be ashamed of and that Chris mother had been a wonderful person. That he and his Chris aunt did not hate him for it. At that moment he gave Christopher his mother's Pilgrim Cross.[2]

As Christopher grew older he wanted to join to get flying experience, not become a Confederation statistic. His uncle did not want him to join the service.[3] Samuel would later die in a farming accident, while Jennifer moved off world to remarry, and Christopher was left to be raised by his maternal grandparents; Abraham Truepath[4].[5]

Behind the scenesEdit

The reference that Blair's uncle did not want Blair to join the service may be a reference to the 'father' mentioned in the Wing Commander Academy tv show, who did not want him to join the service. Samuel was Blair's foster parent.

Samual may be a chairman of StarPeace.

Alternatively Jennifer Blair may have remarried the member of StarPeace, and she became a member of the Confederation Council.


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