Saranya Carr is a vidstar. Although in her personal life she doesn't know a nav computer from a dialogue transceiver, she is famous as the exotic heroine of the popular Luna Jones, JumpScout weekly serial. She cooperated with the TCSO and went in a tour to entertain the pilots and build morale.[1]

She signed Blair's journal upon the graduation of the 201st Class.[2]

Carr's signature in Blair's scrapbook between those of other alumni seem to suggest that Carr was also a student. However it is more likely that her signature is just an autograph, possibly meeting Blair during the graduation ceremony.

When C.W. McCubbin contacted Christopher Blair from the TCS Concordia, he asked who Saranya Carr is, to validate that he is a Terran, although, as he said, even a Kilrathi would know about Luna Jones.[3]

Saranya Carr was scheduled to visit the Claw with the TCSO as early as May[4], however she didn't come on board until around October.[5]

Saranya Carr's daughter is Morgana Carr.

Journal NoteEdit

To Chris, with love and luck! Saranya Carr XOXO

Behind the scenesEdit

There is a poster in scene in the movie, that is listed as Saranya Carr in the novel. However in the movie the character's name appears to be "Bevs" (perhaps short for Beverly) or it says "Boys", which would be a reference to the pilots.


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