Saranya Carr was a vidstar known for her role as Luna Jones on Luna Jones, JumpScout. Carr's appearance was described as exotic and she claimed not to be technically minded, unable to tell a nav computer from a dialogue tranceiver.

In April, 2654 Comm Relay announced that she would join a Terran Confederation Service Organization troupe for a morale-building visit to the TCS Tiger's Claw in the Vega Sector. She performed as part of four TCSO shows aboard the carrier on 2654.140.

In Blair's Scrapbook it appears that Saanya Carr may have been a graduate of the 201st Class of 2653, as she and other classmates signed the his graduation book. But if she was technically challenged being a pilot would make little sense. On the other hand perhaps she was entertainment at his graduation. She signed the scrapbook "To Chris, with love and luck! Saranya Carr XOXO".

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