Scimitar chase
Type Fighter
Weapons Mk. 25 Laser Cannons (2), Javelin HS (5), Single Mount Laser Turret[1]
Crew 1 pilot, 1 instructor
Affiliation Terran Confederation
Equipment Tractor beam, decoys (9)[2]
First appearance Red and Blue
Last appearance Glory of Sivar

This version of the Scimitar was flown by the 201st Class Cadets of the Hilthros Terran Confederation Naval Space Academy. They were also flown while they served on the TCS Tiger's Claw as 2nd Lieutenants.

This seems to contradict the philosophy of the original game, where inexperienced pilots fly Hornets.

These Scimitars fire laser instead of mass driver and are known to have features such as tractor beams, receptors of ejection pods, decoys, a ventral laser turret, and a very somehow different cockpit layout.

It is unknown if such features are common in the "standard" game Scimitar, as such cases haven't appeared in the game.

They bear color markings (blue, black, orange, green and purple) to differentiate from other squadrons, rather than the standard green color.[3]



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