The Sha'kar-class Transport was a container vessel used by the Kilrathi. They appear only in Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger.


The Sha'kars appeared to have been the mainstay Kilrathi container vessel as of the year 2669, the final year of the Kilrathi War. Sha'kars were no different from their predecessors as their purpose was to ferry troops, refuel ships, and take supplies to and from Kilrathi bases. Like most other transports, they were also weak, with only two standard Laser Turrets to defend them and very thin armor. They never ventured into space without a suitable escort. However, despite their many drawbacks, they were still a vital asset to the Kilrathi, as they always kept the troops and the ships on the frontlines readily supplied.

These transports took part in a number of major operations in the final months of the war. A large force of these transports were sent to invade the human colony on Tamayo II when the Kilrathi raided that system. Fortunately, pilots from the TCS Victory destroyed this invasion force before they ever landed. During the maiden voyage of the TCS Behemoth in the Torgo System, the Victory and her pilots seized three of these transports carrying fuel in order to power the Behemoth. Its enormous size alloted for extra fuel. The Sha'kar was a common sight on Kilrathi shipping lanes, and were a tempting target for any human pilot.

It is presumed that surviving Sha'kars were used for peacetime service after the Kilrathi War ended in 2669.



Length: 150 meters

Mass: 21,000 tons


Maximum Velocity: 100 kps

Acceleration: 10 k/s^2

Maximum Yaw: 5 deg/s

Maximum Pitch: 5 deg/s

Maximum Roll: 5 deg/s


Fore Shield: 2000 cm

Aft Shield: 2000 cm


Forward: 1000 cm

Left: 1000 cm

Right: 1000 cm

Rear: 1000 cm


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