The Sivar-class Dreadnought was a Kilrathi capital ship class in the Wing Commander universe.


The first Sivar-class Dreadnoughts entered service before the beginning of the Terran-Kilrathi War. The Sivar-class dreadnought was a fast battleship that could deliver a large amount of Kilrathi troops and munitions into battle quickly. For that reason, Sivars served as the centerpiece of nearly every Kilrathi task force through the end of the Vega Campaign. Over seven hundred of these dreadnoughts were produced and put into service into the Kilrathi fleet. The Terran Confederation managed to capture several original Sivar-class ships, including an unarmed example in drydock during the Epsilon Initiative. Every Kilrathi clan creates and mans these vessels.

A secret version of the Sivar-class Dreadnought was produced and tested by the Kilrathi. This dreadnought was dubbed the KIS Sivar, and was the only Sivar-class Dreadnought of its type ever produced by the Kilrathi Empire. The Sivar was produced in the year 2654, and it carried a crew of 300. Its classified weapon mounted on the dreadnought deemed the ship very dangerous. The KIS Sivar was equipped with an experimental Proton Accelerator Gun, then known as the Gravitron Weapon. The facilities which produced the KIS Sivar's deadly weapon were supposedly destroyed by a group of Bengal class carriers. However, Confed Intelligence may have hints that the Kilrathi had another facility that produced the weapon. However, the Kilrathi had the facility destroyed to cover their own tracks so no one would be able to obtain the information on the Gravitron Weapon. In Wing Commander I, the KIS Sivar used its weapon to annihilate the Goddard Colony, leaving a quarter million colonists dead. The ship then fled back to friendly airspace. However, it was destroyed in early 2655 by pilots from the T.C.S. Tiger's Claw, and the Kilrathi lost all information relating to the dreadnought and its classified weapon.

A new class of the Sivar was introduced later on, serving mainly as a small carrier.

Specifications - Sivar-class DreadnoughtEdit


Length: 550 meters

Mass: 25,000 tons


Maximum Velocity: 200 kps

Cruise Velocity: 150 kps

Acceleration: Poor

Maximum Yaw: 1 dp

Maximum Pitch: 1 dp

Maximum Roll: 1 dp


Fore Shields: 27 cm

Aft Shields: 27 cm


Forward: 28 cm

Left: 26 cm

Right: 26 cm

Rear: 14 cm

Armament (2654 Version)Edit

Notable VesselsEdit

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