Sivar-class dreadnought
Sivar rear
Type Carrier
Launched Before 2640[1]
Length 825m[1]
Mass 61000t[1]
Weapons Point-defense missiles (23), Laser Turrets (6), Torpedo tubes (12)[1]
Shield Fore and aft meson shields[1]
Hull 28/26/18[1]
Speed 100/200kps[1]
Crew 300 (officers, crew), 300 (warriors)[1]
Affiliation Empire of Kilrah
Fighters 150[1]
Events Terran-Kilrathi War
First appearance Wing Commander film

The Sivar-class dreadnought was the premier battleship serving the Empire of Kilrah


The Sivar is believed to have been in service before the Terran-Kilrathi War. Functioning as a carrier, it has been found at the heart of almost of Kilrathi task forces. Because of its exceptional speed it provides a strategic asset as it can launch its fighters quickly at various assignments.[1]

During the War, the Terran Confederation has identified more than 700 individual vessels and several had been captured, including an unarmed taken in dry-dock early in the Epsilon initiative.[1]

They bear markings of all major noble clans. In the later years the markings have been noticed to be increasingly those of the nar Kiranka clan, indicating a centralization of forces under The Emperor.[1]

One, accompanied by two Ralari-class destroyers near Planet 415 ambushed the CS Tiger Claw and it was destroyed by James Taggart in a CF-131 Broadsword of the Baker Wing.[2]


The Sivar has limited missile capacity, confined mostly to torpedoes against other capital ships. It carries hangar space for a complement of 150 fighters. Being notably the fastest large battleship of its time with extremely powerful impulse engines



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