Sorthak Super Heavy Fighter
Manufacturer Kilrathi Military
Type Super Heavy fighter
Length 38 meters
Mass 22 metric tonnes
Weapons 4 Meson Cannons
1 dual Meson turret
4 Heat-seeking missiles
4 Image Recognition missiles
Shield Standard shields
Hull 120-130cm armor plating
Speed 400 kps
Crew 1 pilot, 1 manned turret
Affiliation Kilrathi Empire

The Sorthak Super Heavy Fighter is a Kilrathi spacecraft found in the Wing Commander universe. These fighters made their first appearance in Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger.


The Sorthak Super Heavy Fighter was indeed a powerful heavy fighter. These fighters were seen a few times in the Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger game.

These super heavy fighters were larger than any Kilrathi fighter at the time. A Sorthak fighter measured at thirty-eight meters in length and had a weight of twenty-two metric tonnes. The missile payload the Sorthak carries includes four Heat-seeking missiles and four Image Recognition missiles. Sorthak fighters were also equipped with four Meson cannons and a dual Meson Meson gun turret mounted on the rear of the craft. However, the rear turret seemed to be the key weakness to the Sorthak. Its rear turret wasn't powerful enough to fend off attacks and had a limited radius to work with. A well-shielded fighter is able destroy a Sorthak fighter from its rear. The Sorthak was more of a show of force and an attempt to intimidate human opponents when it was first deployed.

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