The Southampton-Class Destroyer is a fictional starship in the Wing Commander series. It was deployed by the Terran Confederation and first appeared in Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger and again in Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom.


Despite being an aging design, it is still a starship not to be reckoned with. Such destroyers have three laser turrets and at least one anti-matter gun, if equipped. It can take on some of the largest starships, and is capable of launching capship missiles.

The most notable examples of the Confederation Destroyers were the TCS Sheffield and the TCS Coventry. These two vessels, along with the Tallahassee-class Cruiser, TCS Ajax supported the TCS Victory in 2669 during the entire course of Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger. Both ships were part of Destroyer Squadron 67. However, TCS Coventry was hit by a mine during the activation of the TCS Behemoth in the Loki System. The mine killed six crew members and severely injured Jason Bondarevsky, who commanded the vessel at the time. However, the vessel survived. Both vessels were present at the Confed fleet in the Freya System during the Temblor Bomb attack on Kilrah in that same year.

It is unknown what became of the two destroyers after the Kilrathi War ended, but the Southampton-class Destroyers were still in service during the Black Lance Crisis of 2673. The Terran Confederation and the Union of Border Worlds used such vessels while fighting each other on the frontier. They remain active as of 2681.

Specifications - Southampton-class DestroyerEdit


Length: 490 meters

Mass: 19,000 tons


Maximum Velocity: 200 kps

Acceleration: 10 k/s^2

Maximum Yaw: 5 deg/s

Maximum Pitch: 5 deg/s

Maximum Roll: 5 deg/s


Fore Shields: 2000 cm (Phase Shields)

Aft Shields: 2000 cm (Phase Shields)


Forward: 400-1000 cm

Left: 400-1000 cm

Right: 400-1000 cm

Rear: 400-1000 cm



  • This ship has been officially classified as Southampton class. This was clarified in the manual "Star*Soldier" for Wing Commander: Arena.
  • Prior to the ship's classification in Arena, this vessel's class name was the source of much confusion. Some claimed that it was called the Sheffield-class, while others named a Coventry-class Destroyer that could carry a single shuttle.

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