The Space Syndrome Mutation referred to a set of birth defects observed after about 6 generations of humans born in space.

Colonists and stationers were gene-typed but despite this, there was a noticeable number of mutations. Embryos with observed physical defects were aborted, or else the mutations would result to miscarriages, short lifespans and misshapen humans. Procedures were in place to prevent things from getting out of hand and there was an outbreak of preventative medical procedures and pharmaceuticals. Statistics varied from station to station. Dr. Synatschk initially attributed these to a combination of alien conditions such as lower gravity, stress, and a lack of dietary trace minerals.

K.J. Ludwick was the first to notice a correlation between SS and living quarters locatin. The ratio of unviable embryos increased:

  • The closer to the station's hull the mother lived.
  • The closer to the edge of the Sol system the station was situated.
  • The thinner the hull of the station or ship.

Conditions such as employment, radiation, faulty air or food supplies were considered, investigated, and studied. The SS was attributed to the alleged Planck Radiation and was treated by case.

After Ludwick's report, disappointed parents were sent to take up a temporary residence inward.

Abilities were beginning to mutate, especially when added up. Comparing each generation with the previous generation proved that mutations were being introduced into the genome of the human colonists:

  • The maximum height increased; likewise, minimum height further decreased.
  • People could heal faster
  • Onset of puberty delayed
  • Longer gestation time
  • More common manifestation of schizophrenic paranoia and Multiple Personality Syndrome


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