StarPeace was a civilian pacifist anti-war organization whose cause was to promote peace among the galaxy's various cultures and species. They were against the Terran Confederation fighting in any wars including the Terran-Kilrathi War. They refused to fight but rather use diplomacy to bring about peace. The organization was dedicated to promoting understanding among the inhabited worlds of the galaxy.[1]

Christopher Blair's father was a civilian chairman of StarPeace, and objected to Christopher's decision enlisting into the military service.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The StarPeace is mentioned only in the Academy Bible and the Wing Commander Academy Press Kit production/development material as not into the published canon as of yet (and may not be set in stone), the latter is closer to the finished series (although some details may have been retconned or ignored by later published sources or by the Academy TV series itself).

In the press material this organization exists around 2655, when the series was originally set.

In the series Maverick is seen keeping a picture of his parents whom wears a military uniform, and he corresponds to his "parents" in other episodes. In the Wing Commander film continuity (and other later sources), Blair's parents are dead, and his foster parent uncle Samuel, was against Christopher enlisting, suggesting he might be based on Blair's father in Academy Series.

According to Ben Lesnick (LOAF) at the Wing Comander CIS, suggests had the second season had been released there would have been a more clear division between the person in the framed picture and his foster father who was a pacifistic civilian politician as separate individuals.

In the novel series Blair is connected to the Dead Dimension (also mentioned in the Handbook) through his Pilgrim abilities and is able to see memories and visions of his mother, and seeing a vision of his dead father would also fit into this.


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