Commodore Steward is a Terran Confederation officer serving on Sol Station.


It seems that Steward is the head of the Special Operations Division of Confederation Intelligence. During the Kilrathi War his attention was focused on the rebellion on Ghorah Khar.

He recruited Major James Taggart to the SecOps after he retired from the Confederation Navy.[1] Paladin had a meeting with him after his first meeting with Kilrathi defector Kirha, in his cell.[2]

Seeing that Kirha was oathsworn to pilot Ian St. John, who was assigned to the TCS Tiger's Claw bound to the Enigma Sector, Paladin requested to change his assignment for some days in order to assist with Kirha's interrogation. Steward signed the orders.[1]

It is mentioned that only an Admiral's orders could overrule an active duty pilot's assignment, but apparently Steward's capacity as a SecOps officer gave him enough authority.

During one of Kirha's interrogations, Steward sent Gwen Larson to fetch Paladin, wanting to ask him something about Ghorah Khar.[1]


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