In Super Wing Commander during its "Campaign 0" (equivalent to the Vega Campaign) there is a subplot that can only be accessed via the winning paths from Enyo, McAulliffe (but doesn't come up again for a while). This winning path storyline follows a rumors of mysterious cloaked ships and Halcyon and Tolwyn's arguments over their existence. Winning path to Gimle leads to one of the game's first main cutscenes which shows the TCS Exeter being defended or destroyed depending on Armstrong's actions.

The losing paths more or less follows the same plot and characters as the original game. Though none of the original story cut scenes are included, and the new cut scenes cover slightly different details (experiments by specific named Kilrathi that were not mentioned in the original).

Wing Mate character deaths also have their own cutscenes.

While its never seen normally, the game does seem to still have a built in date randomizer that defaults to ".110". This can only be seen with subtitles on and cheating to first mission of campaign 1. The narrator only says "Mission Briefing, but the time and date is shown, but not year. This date appears to be randomized just like the original game as you play through the original campaign. Otherwise Campaign 1 (the second campaign) starts where Vega leaves off.

Intro cutsceneEdit

Narrator/Ship Computer: Enyo System, Vega Sector, TCS Tiger's Claw, Alpha Wing...

James Taggert:

Alpa Wing... Approaching Fralthi target ETA 1 minute.

Check in Alpha Wing.

Maniac: Maniac here.

Mike: Off your starboard, alpha leader.

Fourth Pilot ("Four"): Gotcha, Mother Hen.


Roger, remember what the colonel said now, lads. We've got to get this bogie right off. Four, Target in sight...Look lively laddies. Look's like she were expecting us. Break and attack approach delta.

Mike, dammit boy, you shouldn't have gone in like that. Alright, Alpha Wing, We've got to take these bastards out. Do it for Ranger. Take it to them lads.

Boarding cutsceneEdit

Transport pilot: There's the Tiger's Claw sir. The pride of the Terran Fleet. You're lucky to be serving your tour of duty upon her sir.

Narrator/Ship Computer Edit

  • Enter Barracks
  • Check Pilot Rankings
  • Enter Simulator
  • Talk to ANGEL
  • Talk to SHOTGLASS
  • Talk to PALADIN
  • Talk to MANIAC
  • Talk to HUNTER
  • Talk to ICEMAN
  • Talk to BOSSMAN
  • Talk to ANGEL
  • Talk to KNIGHT
  • Enter Briefing Room
  • Enter RECROOM
  • Enter Campaign
  • Enter Mission
  • View Medals
  • Game 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8
  • Bunk 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8


Series 0 (Campaigns 0-2)Edit

Note: This is a testing campaign found under each campaign via cheat menu. It shows a number of dead Armstrong cutscenes. This is not always accessible, it may only be accessible if you flag the game as having 'died'. It usually crashes the chat menu, otherwise. Series 0 shows four different missions 0-3 no matter what campaign it is on. But they don't make any difference. The characters that are seen in the Rec Room seems to be random.

If you head to briefing Halcyon has one final message for Maverick and then the game loads up a mission with waves of enemies (and no mission objectives). It's listed as a "Beginner patrol" on the mpa but there is nothing to actually patrol (it maybe just one of the 'simulator' missions, but with no exit, except to use eject function).

This leads to Gimle cutscene oddly enough, and then the Golden Sun ejection ceremony (assuming you haven't already gotten one).

Before MissionEdit

Halcyon: We are gathered here to pay tribute to one of our own, LT./CAPT./MAJ./LT. COL. ARMSTRONG. As we know, this operation has been long and hard. No one fought harder to accomplish our objectives than MAVERICK. Now he has made the ultimate sacrifice for the Confederation.

Mission BriefingEdit

Halcyon: Farewell, MAVERICK. You'll be missed.

Campaign 0Edit

Enyo commentary (Series 1)Edit

Before Mission 0Edit

Shotglass: Belly on up, friend, and take a load off. You must be Maverick. I’m Shotglass. Welcome aboard the Claw. Used to be a pilot myself, till the fleabags shot me up so bad I couldn’t fly. I suppose I flew with most every pilot on the Claw. So if you want to know how one pilot or another flies, old Shotglass is the guy to ask. Stop by when you’re off duty and we’ll talk more.

Angel: Bonjour, Lieutenant. You are called MAVERICaK, non? I am called Angel. I am just reviewing some figures on our recent encounters with the Kilrathi. You would like to know what I have learned, perhaps? The Dralthi is the Kilrathi fighter seen most in this sector. These figures show that 1.4 missiles are required to destroy the Dralthi, while over seven direct laser hits are necessary to destroy the same vessel. I hope this information is useful to you, Lieutenant.

Paladin: Och, laddie, take a seat an’ tilt a glass with ol’ Paladin. I recall once when I was just a lieutenant like yourself there. We were flyin’ patrol o’er Accord, the fourth planet in the Alliance system. These four Kilrathi Salthi came zoomin’ in with the sun at their backs…

Angel: What is the point, monsieur? There is one, oui?

Paladin: I was leadin’ up ta it, lass. That day, we learned that a Salthi will always turn ta the left. It’s got somethin’ ta do with the way ’er engines an’ ducts are arranged. So when you tail a Salthi, watch ta the left. That’s where ’e’ll go when ’e makes ’is break.

Mission 0Edit

Narrator: Mission Briefing Enyo System

Halcyon: We’ve got a lot of work to do, people, so let’s get to it. The Tiger’s Claw dropped from jump-space seven hours ago, at 08:00. Blue Devil squadron had first patrol. You Killer Bees have the next shift. You rookies’ll be flying with experienced pilots on your first missions. I want the rookies to fly as wingleaders. You vets keep an eye on the kids out there. Here are the assignments. Maverick, you’re leading Alpha wing. Spirit will fly on your wing. She’s quiet, but she knows the ropes. You’re the wingleader, but if Spirit talks, you be sure and listen. Got it?

Maverick: Yes, sir.

Halcyon: Good. Here’s your patrol plan, then. Computer, display Alpha. You’ll check three possible jump points, at about 20000 klicks out. There are asteroids near Nav Points 2 and 3, so stay on course. Any questions?

Spirit (a slight change here): Hai, Commander. What are we to do if we encounter the enemy?

Halcyon: Engage, if the odds look good. Let Maverick make the call. Next is Beta wing…

Narrator (a slight change here): Your thoughts wander as the commander makes the rest of the assignments.

Halcyon: …and back to the Tiger’s Claw. Remember, this is no trainsim. If you see the enemy, he’ll be out to kill you. Be sure you do it to him before he does it to you. Squadron dismissed.

Mission Briefing Enyo System

Before Mission 1Edit

Shot Glass (mission 2 additional commentary): Oh I heard from Maniac over there that the Kilrathi are working on some secret weapon. You might ask him about it. Though I caution not to necessarily believe him. He's given to exaggeration now and then you know.

Maniac: Hi, you must be MAVERICK. Have a seat. How's it going so far? I hear you're doing okay... for a rookie.

Hunter: 'Ey, tell 'em about what you were telln' me.

Maniac: All right, all right. You've heard there's some strange stuff goin' on? No? Well, I heard from a friend in intel that the Kilrathi are working on some secret weapons. Also, I heard from another friend that Admiral Tolwyn and the Colonel have been arguing about this. Whether the stealth technology exists or not, I mean. The word is the Colonel believes the Kilrathi are real close. And the Admiral thinks it's all just a crock. Who knows, I say. We'll see eventually, I guess.

Hunter: You’re MAVERICK, right? They call me Hunter, mate. G’day. Spirit ’ere was tellin’ me about your tumble with the hairballs. Sounds like you really mixed it up out there. ’at’s the way, isn’t it, mate? Just you and some hairball, twistin’ about, tryin’ t’get a missile lock. Formations, uniforms, medals, wingmen, that’s all sheep-dip. All a bruce can count on out there is ’imself and ’is missiles.

Mission 1Edit

Narrator: Mission Briefing. Enyo System. Forty minutes into the briefing...

Halcyon: Epsilon Wing is MAVERICK and Spirit. You’ll be escorting a Drayman-class transport to its jump point. Computer, display Epsilon. Let’s take a look at your flight plan. You’ll rendezvous with the transport upon launch. Escort it to Nav Point 1, and on to Nav 2, where it will initiate jump sequence. Once it’s jumped out, you’ll return by the most direct route. Remember, your job is to make sure that transport jumps out. I don’t want you leaving her to chase down bogies. If the enemy retreats, you stay with the transport. Questions?

Spirit: Yes, sir. Why is Nav 1 so far out of the way?

Halcyon: There’s an asteroid field between the Tiger’s Claw and the jump point. A fighter might navigate it, but a Drayman ’sport would never make it through. Anything else? All right, then. Let’s get to work. Squadron dismissed.

McAulliffe (Series 2)Edit

Before Mission 0Edit

Shotglass: That’s Iceman and Knight over there. Knight’s a darned reliable pilot, a solid shot, a steady flier. Not flashy at all. He’s sort of a craftsman. Gets the job done, though. Iceman, though, now he’s an artist. Best pilot on the Tiger’s Claw. Lives to fly and to fight. He’s totally ruthless, and completely deadly. Some of the pilots say he’s got freon for blood… at least, that’s where he got the call sign.

Iceman: MAVERICK. They call me Iceman. Don’t let Knight fool you. The Scim’s a gun-heavy slug. Forget finesse, just head straight in, guns blaring. Give me a ship that takes skill. A Raptor, even a Hornet… or one of those new Rapiers. If half of what they say is true, the Rapier’s a true artist’s ship!

Knight: MAVERICK, right? I’m Knight. Welcome to the Blue Devils. Ever flown Scimitars before? I think you’re going to like them. A Scimitar isn’t quite as fast or nimble as a Hornet, but she’s got twice the armour, as well as heavier guns. Iceman: And she handles like a Centaurian mud pig. Knight: Iceman here’ll try to tell you speed and handling’ll save your butt, but I’ll take an extra three centimetres of durasteel plating any day!

Mission 1 BriefingEdit

Narrator: Mission Briefing. McAullife System. Fifteen minutes into the briefing...

Halcyon: All right, then. Beta Wing will be led by MAVERICK. Paladin, you’ll be flying on his wing.

Paladin: An’ I canna tell you ’ow I’m lookin’ forward to it, Colonel.

Halcyon: Right. Since we jumped into the McAuliffe System just a few hours ago... ...we’re still running preliminary patrols. MAVERICK, you’ll be flying a four-point route, checking several potential jump points. Here’s your flight plan. Just fly to the Nav Points and make sure they’re clear. Long-range scanners indicate some sort of debris near Nav 3. We have reason to believe this might be a Kilrathi minefield, so be especially careful in that area. Questions? All right, then. Delta wing is Iceman and Angel…

Narrator: You listen as the Colonel completes the mission assignments.

Halcyon: That’s everyone. Last questions?

Narrator: No hands are raised.

Halcyon: Good, finally one last thing. I've heard there have been rumors around the Claw of Kilrathi stealth technology. Admiral Tolwyn assures me these are merely rumors not to be believed. I do not want to hear any more about these rumors. They are to stop now. This is a matter subject to military discipline. That's all people, let's go. Squadron dismissed.

Narrator (McAulliffe 2): The Colonel quickly goes through the rest of the assignments, dispatching four more wings to check out other bogies.

Before Mission 2Edit

Shotglass: You met Maniac and Bossman over there yet? Maniac’s a real lunatic, a good pilot, but way too erratic. He was just comin’ up when the fleabags put me outta commission. Just between you and me, I’d rather fly alone than with Maniac on my wing. Bossman’s another story, though. He’s a real team leader. A crack pilot, with 17 years behind him. Flown ever’thin’ in the Terran fleet, and blown up at least one of every class the Kilrathi have.

Bossman: Sit down, MAVERICK. They call me Bossman. I’ve been watching you. You look good for a rookie. You handle yourself well in a dogfight, but we’ll be facing some bigger ships soon. Maniac: All right! Some serious action! Bossman: A lot of young pilots get excited when they see their first destroyer… Maniac: Just what do you mean by that, Boss? Bossman: …they lose their heads and go straight in for the battleship. Then a light fighter they forgot about blasts them from behind. Big ships move slow and turn like pigs. Thing to do is clean up the fighter cover first, then go in for the battleship.

Maniac: Hey, MAVERICK. Bossman says we’re gonna see some action against some battleships soon. I can’t wait. Dodging flak and fighter cover to make a missile run at a destroyer… Man, that’ll be a rush! Get in there quick, waste the mama cat, then pick the kittens off one by one. That’s the way to do it!

Mission 2 BriefingEdit

Narrator: Mission Briefing. McAuliffe System.

Halcyon: Well, boys and girls, things are getting ready to heat up. The Confederation is getting ready to mount a major offensive, so we’re expecting several supply ships within the next 48 hours. But scanners show increased Kilrathi activity in this system. We’ve got to clean up the enemy presence here at McAuliffe, before the tankers and ’sports start to arrive tomorrow. We’ve detected a large bogie about 90,000 klicks out. It jumped in about 20 minutes ago, and seems to be headed this way. It might be just a transport, but it’s probably a small warship. Maverick, you and Paladin are going to go out and get a look at it... ...and destroy it if you can.

Paladin: Faith, lad, but that’ll be a challenge…

Halcyon: Here’s your flight plan. If the bogie continues its present course and speed, you should meet it here, at Nav 1. We’ve detected a fighter escort in the area as well, so be on the lookout for additional bogies.

Narrator: The Colonel quickly goes through the rest of the assignments, dispatching four more wings[1] to check out other bogies in the system.

Halcyon: Squadron dismissed.

Before Mission 3Edit

Shotglass: Hey there, Maverick. Get you somethin’? I’m glad to see you and Paladin gettin’ along so well. He’ll be retirin’ soon, you know? Been flyin’ fighters for twenty-odd years, and now they’re puttin’ him out to pasture. He and I used to fly together back before the war started. Darn good man, the old Claw’ll miss him.

Bossman: Maverick, sit down. I want to compare notes with you. I’ve been watching the way Dralthi manoeuvre, and I think I’ve noticed something. Seems to me that when you’re hot on a Dralthi’s tail, and he pulls a loop to shake you, he always goes up or down, never to the side. Ever notice that? Narrator: You shrug in tentative agreement. Bossman: Well, they do… always up or down, never left or right. Paladin: Y’know, lad, I believe you’re right. Bossman: I think it’s because those big wings block their vision to the sides, but above and below – between the wings – their vision is clear.

Paladin: I’d like ta tell ya, laddie, s’been good flyin’ with you. We’ll be pullin’ outta McAuliffe soon, an’ the Colonel likes to shake up the wings every now an’ then. So let me give you one last piece of advice, a young wingman ain’t goin’ ta stick by you the way I have, lad. That’s no criticism of ’em, lad, just a fact. A youngster’s got a name to make and a career to think on, ’e’ll be lookin’ to make a hero of ’imself. An old man like meself, on the other hand… well, I’m just wantin’ to make it back so I can retire in one piece.

Mission Briefing. McAuliffe System

Halcyon: We’ll be leaving McAuliffe late tomorrow, but first... ...we’ve got a half-dozen ’sports and tankers coming in. With at least one Kilrathi carrier in the system... ...we’re expecting the hairballs to make a play for most of the ’sports. Here are the assignments for transport escorts…

Narrator: The Colonel makes the assignments for the wings. You draw the final run…

Halcyon: MAVERICK and Paladin will take the last detail. Computer, display Psi. You’ll rendezvous with a Drayman-class tanker here, at Nav 1. As soon as it arrives, the tanker will head for the Tiger’s Claw. It’ll be moving at top speed, and won’t deviate from its shortest course. So you’ll have to protect it from any attackers. Stay close, don’t let enemy fighters draw you away from the tanker. Now, one more thing, boys and girls. Intelligence indicates Bhurak Starkiller may be in the system.

Angel: Bhurak Starkiller, sir?

Halcyon: He’s one of Kilrah’s best, flies a Salthi light fighter. Our records credit him with 64 kills, counting fighters and battleships. So let’s all be extra careful out there, all right? Squadron dismissed.

Gateway (Series 3)Edit

Before Mission 1Edit

Same as McAuliffe.

Mission 1 BriefingEdit

Narrator: Mission Briefing. Gateway System.

Halcyon: Welcome to the Gateway system, boys and girls. These are the assignments for preliminary patrols…

Narrator: The commander quickly makes the assignments for Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Wings.

Halcyon: Delta Wing. That’ll be you flying lead, MAVERICK. Paladin, you’ll be flying wingman.

Paladin: An’ I cannot tell ya how I'm lookin' forward to it, Colonel.

Halcyon: Right. Computer, display Delta. You’ll follow a simple three-point route, gentlemen. Just fly to the Nav Points, and make sure they’re clear. We’re picking up some debris around Nav Point 1. Probably just asteroids, but it could be a Kilrathi minefield, so be especially careful in that area. Questions? All right, then. Epsilon Wing is Iceman and Angel…

Narrator: You listens as the Colonel completes the mission assignments.

Halcyon: That’s everyone. Last questions?

Narrator: No hands are raised.

Halcyon: Good. Let’s get to work. Squadron dismissed.

Before Mission 2Edit

Same as McAuliffe.

Mission 2 BriefingEdit

Narrator: Emergency Briefing. Gateway System.

Halcyon: We’ve got a Code Red alert, people. At least half a dozen Kilrathi fighters, coming in fast. With Blue Devil and Star Slayer squadrons out on patrol... Killer Bees will have to stop them yourselves. We’ve got two Hornets in space already, and we’ll scramble the remaining wings at double-time. MAVERICK, you and Paladin will be first out the launch tube. Iceman and Dragon will be next, followed by Bossman and Redbird. Remember, people, this is for all the marbles. Stop these fighters, or you’ll have no place to land! So let’s get to it! Squadron dismissed!

Before Mission 3Edit

Same as McAuliffe 3.

Mission 3 BriefingEdit

Mission Briefing. Gateway System.

Halcyon: All right, folks, we’ll be pulling out from Gateway tomorrow, but before we do, we’ve got a few tankers and ’sports coming in. Since yesterday’s attack on the Tiger’s Claw, it’s clear we need to be especially vigilant in escorting these ships. Now, here are the assignments for transport escorts…

Narrator: The Colonel makes the assignments for the wings. You draw the final run…

Halcyon: MAVERICK and Paladin will take the last detail. Here’s the flight plan. You’ll meet a Drayman-class transport here, at Nav 1. As soon as it arrives, the ’sport will head for the Tiger’s Claw. It’ll be moving at top speed, and won’t deviate from its shortest course. So you’ll have to protect it from any attackers. Stay with her, don’t let enemy fighters draw you away from the tanker. I’ve got one more bit of intelligence to pass along to everyone. We believe Bhurak Starkiller may be in the system.

Angel: Bhurak Starkiller, sir?

Halcyon: He’s Kilrah’s hottest pilot in the Salthi light fighter. We don’t know where he’s likely to turn up, but one wing or another is bound to run into him. So look alert out there, all right? Squadron dismissed.

Gimle System (Series 4)Edit

Before Mission 0Edit

Note: In Wing Commander 1, Angel and Bossman are at the tables.

Shotglass: Hey, there, Maverick. Welcome to the Gimle system, holiday spot of the Empire of Kilrah! Gimle’s habitable world is one huge forest, Kilrathi nobles and officers come here to hunt with their bare claws. I hear they bring Human POWs here and turn them loose in the woods, just so those hairy brutes can get their kicks by huntin’em down! Man, I’ll be glad when we kick those fleabags outta the sector!

Iceman: Let me give you a tip, kid. Never rush a Jalthi head on. A Jalthi carries six front-mounted laser cannons. First shot takes out your shields, next’ll blow through the cockpit into the reactor.

Angel: Ah, LT. ARMSTRONG, bonjour. I have been reviewing our data on the Kilrathi starfighters. Our information indicates that in all cases, their side armour is weaker than that to the front or rear.

Iceman: One more reason not to play chicken with a Jalthi.

Angel: Indeed, monsieur. The best attack line would be from the flanks.

Mission 0 BriefingEdit

Narrator: Mission Briefing. Gimle System.

Halcyon: All right, boys and girls, listen up. We’ve just jumped into the Gimle system, and we’ve got some work to do. Gimle has been occupied by the Kilrathi for some time. The Claw is not the first Terran ship to arrive, we’ve got a handful of battleships already in system. Most of these ships are currently under attack by Kilrathi, so we’ll be dispatching fighters to help in their defense.

Narrator: The Colonel quickly assigns the wings. Yours' is the sixth assigned.

Halcyon: MAVERICK, you’ll lead Zeta Wing to assist an Exeter-class Destroyer. Angel will fly on your wing. Here’s the scenario. The Exeter is currently at Nav 1... ...her skipper reports at least three Kilrathi fighters in the area. You’ll head straight for the Exeter, and help in her defence. When the Kilrathi have routed, come on back home. Any questions? Okay, then. Let’s go burn those hairballs. Squadron dismissed.

Mission 0 DebriefingEdit

Narrator: Mission Debriefing.

Halcyon: I just got word from the skipper of the destroyer, MAVERICK. Well done. Those Jalthi are the best the Kilrathi have.

Maverick: They were pretty tough, sir. But we got the job done.

Angel: Actually, mon colonel... ...the Confederate Raptor has only a 34 per cent chance against the Jalthi.

Halcyon: All the more reason to be proud of yourselves, Captain Devereaux. Well, let’s review the mission report. You took out 6 Kilrathi, MAVERICK, while Angel came up empty. That’s all, then.

Before Mission 1Edit

Shotglass: Hey, Maverick. How’s it goin’? You heard about those new Rapiers? Ever’body’s talkin’ about ’em. I’m not so sure about ’em, though. I flew jus’ about my whole career in Scimitars an’ Raptors. Liked the Raptor best, even though she didn’t handle too good. She sure was fast once you got her goin’, though!

Hunter: MAVERICK, mate! Have you ’eard the news? The Claw‘s gettin’ a prototype Rapier to test fly! I’ve been lookin’ over the specs on ’er. She’s tagged a light fighter, but she’s better armed than a Scimitar. There’s a pair of laser cannons, for distance work, an’ a set of neutron guns, for the dirty infightin’!

Maniac: I’m lookin’ forward to seein’ one of these new Rapiers! They say she’s got tougher shields than anything in the fleet. She must be just about invulnerable!

Hunter: ’ang about, there, mate. She may ’ave God’s own shields, but she’s armoured like a light fighter. If they knock down the shields, she’s no tougher than a Hornet.

Maniac: Wow, I never thought about that…

Mission 1 BriefingEdit

Narrator: Mission Briefing. Gimle System. Twenty minutes into the briefing.

Halcyon: …and the last patrol will be Omicron Wing. That’ll be MAVERICK and Angel. Maverick: Right, sir. Halcyon: It’s a simple, three-point patrol route. Let’s take a look at your flight plan. Computer, display Omicron. Just fly by each Nav Point, watching for signs of enemy activity. There’s a field of what looks like asteroids around Nav 1, so watch yourself in that area. Now, there’s just one more thing about this mission I need to mention. We’ve just got a pair of prototype starfighters, Rapier-class. The brass wants to know how the Rapier performs in action, so I want you to put her through the paces.

Hunter: Good job, MAVERICK, you lucky bloke! Let me know ’ow she feels!

Halcyon: Now, I don’t want you going nuts out there, Maverick. This is a hot piece of hardware, but it hasn’t been tested under fire. No one really knows what she can do… or what she can’t.

Maverick: I understand, sir. Don’t try anything too fancy… Halcyon: Good. Now, if there aren’t any questions… All right, then. Squadron dismissed.

Mission 1 DebriefingEdit

Mission Debriefing. Halcyon: Welcome back, Maverick. What’d you think of the Rapier? Maverick: She’s quite a ship, sir. She slid through the asteroids at Nav 1 well enough. And she handled really well against a wing of Gratha near Nav 3.

Halcyon: And what did you think, Devereaux?

Angel: I must agree with the captain, mon colonel. It is quite a vessel. I believe that it will prove more effective even than the Raptor, especially against the more nimble Kilrathi fighters. Halcyon: Very well, then. I’ll pass that along to Tactical. I’ve already reviewed your flight recorder’s mission report. You scragged 6 Kilrathi, Maverick, and Angel came up empty. Dismissed.

Before Misssion 2Edit

Shotglass: You hear what they’re sayin’ in Blue Devil Squadron? Word is, one of their boys ran into Dakhath on patrol yesterday. You know Dakhath, right? The Kilrathi ace that flies a Dralthi? He’s got 78 confirmed kills, counting fighters and capital ships. They say his name means ‘Deathstroke’ in Kilrathi, ’cause how he gets his jollies. He likes to shoot pilots who’ve ejected as they wait for a pick up.

Knight: So, MAVERICK. Now you’ve flown a Rapier. You like it? You nod as he sips his drink. Knight: I read that we’re getting the first Rapier squadron on active duty. Colonel’s already named the squadron Black Lion… I wonder who’ll be assigned to it?

Iceman: Lot of talk going around about this Dakhath guy. Well, don’t sweat that fuzzball too much. Knight: Casey ran into Dakhath a couple of years ago, near Planck’s Star. Iceman: Dakhath got his rep by shooting helpless men, but he’s not so tough if you’re still in your ship. Watch him when you’re on his tail. He likes to burn out with his afterburners, or he’ll try to get behind you with a kickstop.

Mission Briefing 2Edit

Mission Briefing. Gimle System.

Halcyon: All right, boys and girls... ...we got several groups of bogies on the move. Either the Kilrathi are pulling out of Gimle, or they’re gearing up to push us out. Either way, we got to find out what they’re up to. First up on the hit parade is what looks like a squadron of fighters. MAVERICK and Angel will fly Tau Wing to check it out. Computer, display Tau. Nav 1 indicates their last confirmed position. We believe the bogies are Dralthi, and we estimate their present location here. If you think you can take them, go ahead and engage, but break off if the squadron turns out to be too big to handle. Remember, Maverick, I need information worse than I need heroes. Any questions, then, Tau Wing?

Angel: I have heard that the Kilrathi ace Dakhath is in this sector…

Halcyon: We believe he may be, so be careful. Dakhath is very dangerous, we need to know if he’s here.

Maverick: Yes, sir.

Halcyon: Right, then. Let’s move along.

The Colonel runs through the rest of the assignments... ...dispatching four more wings to check out other bogies.

Halcyon: All right, then. Squadron dismissed.

Mission Debriefing 2Edit

Halcyon: How’d it go out there, MAVERICK? Maverick: Well enough, sir. They were Dralthi… two wings, nine in all. Dakhath was leading the second wing. Halcyon: Did you take him out? Maverick: I believe so, sir. His ship blew up, at least. Halcyon: Excellent. Good work, Captain. I’ve got your numbers from the mission report. You killed 9 Kilrathi, MAVERICK, and none for Angel. All right, then. Dismissed.

Cutscene (end of Gimle)Edit

Narrator: Meanwhile...

Comm. Exeter: Blue Devil 5 what is your current status? Over...

Blue Devil Five: Everything is operational, Exeter.

Comm. Execter: Roger that, Blue Devil 5.

Blue Devil Five: Wait a second Exeter, radar is showing multiple bogeys coming in fast.

Boeckheler: Attack Force Delta... This is commander Boeckheler ... we have come under attack by large force of Kilrathi fighters... All stations code red... This is full battle alert.

...Three Krants show up... But are destroyed.

Dakota SystemEdit

Before Mission 0Edit

Shotglass: Hey, MAVERICK. Glad to see you again. We just jumped in to Dakota System, you know. It’s basically an agro colony, but they’ve had an outbreak of Watson’s Disease. The colonists here’re a proud bunch, an’ they waited to call for help. That’s bad news. Watson’s can wipe out a whole city in just a few weeks. There’s no cure yet, but the Confederation’s ’sportin’ in a vaccine.

Hunter: C’mere, mate. Maniac’s teachin’ me ’ow to fly. Can you believe it? Maniac: Someone better – you’re dangerous, and not just to the Kilrathi. Hunter: I’m dangerous? I’m dangerous! This from the guy who goes to afterburners the instant ’e smells a target! Maniac: Well, at least I go after ’em. Some of you old guys don’t always do that. Hunter: I ’ate to admit it, mate, but you’re right about some of the ‘old guys’. Knight, Paladin, some others, they must be cat lovers… or pacifists. But don’t lump me with that lot, mate. The more Kilrah blood I smell, the nastier I get.

Maniac: Hey, MAVERICK? I feel like griping about wingmen. Care to join in? Take Knight, for example. He flies like an old lady. No vision, and he couldn’t find a target if his wingman’s life depended on it. Hunter: Which it usually does… Maniac: Yeah. And Angel… always studying, planning. Just fly, I say. Hunter: Anybody on the Claw you don’t mind flyin’ with, squirt? Maniac: First off, let’s watch the squirt cracks. And second… ’course there’re a couple of pilots I don’t mind flying with. You’re not too bad, Hunter – almost as good as me. And there’s Iceman… Ice is scary, man. I mean, I’m in this for the flying. He’s in it for the killing, I think.

Mission 0 BriefingEdit

Narrator: Mission Briefing. Dakota System. Twenty minutes into the briefing.

Halcyon: As you may have heard, there’s been an outbreak of Watson’s Disease here. It’s spreading across the fourth planet, Fargo, like wildfire. If we don’t get a vaccine down there soon, that colony’s history. We’ve been ordered to provide primary cover for medical transports. Your job will be to cover the Draymans as they come and go. Gamma Wing will consist of Maverick and Knight. I’m counting on you two to come through, and so are the colonists down on Fargo. Computer, display Gamma. You will proceed first to Nav 1, escorting an outbound hospital ship. Your objective is to protect her from the Kilrathi until she makes her jump out. Once she’s gone, go to Nav 2, where you’ll rendezvous with another ’sport. Bring this Drayman back to the Tiger’s Claw in one piece, she’s the one carrying the vaccine for Fargo. Any questions?

Maverick: No, sir.

Knight: None here, Colonel.

Halcyon: Very good. That’s all gentlemen. Dismissed.

Mission 0 DebriefingEdit

Mission Debriefing. Halcyon: Maverick, it’s good to see you. Let’s have your report. Maverick: Yes sir. We ran into bogies at Nav 1, but we took care of them. The Drayman’s on her way to her destination! Halcyon: I see, Maverick. What about the inbound Drayman? Maverick: She should be in formation now, sir. Halcyon: That’s true. And that vaccine will save thousands down on Fargo. Maverick: That’s what matters, Colonel. Halcyon (slight extended liner her.): I’ve reviewed your flight recorder’s report of your mission, Maverick. You shot down 11, MAVERICK... ...and Knight didn't take any out. I'll need your written report concerning the transports by 08.00, CAPT. Dismissed.

Before Mission 1Edit

Shotglass: Maverick! You’re big news lately. Heard you had to take out some Krants last time out. Glad to see you made it back in one piece. Those babies can be tough…, but I hear the Jalthi’s even tougher. One of those six-shooters on your tail, you can kiss it goodbye. But I’ll bet if you get low an’ behind a Jalthi, you’d toast it. She’s got no rear visibility, and big ol’ bullseye exhausts. Bad design no matter how many guns she’s got up front. Just jam a missile up those rear pipes and – BOOM! No more kitty.

Knight: Hey, MAVERICK. Have a seat. I’ve heard some talk lately that burns me up. Someone’s saying I’m unsafe to fly with… and that I’m a cat-lover. Well, I won’t stand for that kind of slander. It’s not true. I may not be as high-flying as Hunter, but I get the job done… in one piece. But hey, you’re not the guy to complain to… after all, we’ve flown together now. You know you can count on me. It’s just a matter of trust. Thanks for the shoulder, MAVERICK.

Spirit: Join me, MAVERICK. Knight is poor company and I feel the need to talk. I have been studying the history and progress of the war, and I see that things are going fairly well for us. To maintain our position, we must be ever diligent, ever alert. We must fight as if there were no tomorrow, for in truth, that is the case. Every day, the Kilrathi bring up more troops. They challenge us harder each time we fly. The very future of Humanity rests with us. A heavy burden... ...but one we must bear. For if we don’t, who will?

Mission 1 BriefingEdit

Mission Briefing. Dakota System. Ten minutes into the briefing…

Halcyon: …which brings us to our patrol wings. Lambda Wing will fly a three-point patrol. Things have been quiet lately… too quiet. The Kilrathi are definitely out there. Problem is, we don’t know where. Your job will be to locate the enemy and report back to the Claw. MAVERICK, you and Knight will investigate. MAVERICK will lead the mission.

MAVERICK: Understood, Colonel.

Halcyon: Your patrol will be as follows. Computer, display Lambda. As you can see, there’s not much to go on. There’s some debris near Nav 1. Could be rocks, could be mines… stay alert. The jump-point at Nav 2 seems to be clear. As does Nav 3. Make the rounds and return with your report. Unless you have questions, that’s all.

Maverick: Are we cleared to engage any targets we sight, Colonel?

Halcyon: Definitely. Use your judgement, though. I don’t want to lose any more pilots. Squadron dismissed.

Mission 1 debriefingEdit

Mission Debriefing.

Halcyon: Welcome back, gentlemen. What is the situation?

Maverick: There was a welcoming committee among the rocks at Nav 1, but they aren’t going home. We spotted a Ralari-class destroyer at Nav 2. She and her escorts gave us some trouble, but we took her out in the end.

Halcyon: Excellent, Captain. That’s the kind of report I like to hear. Let’s go over your flight recorder data. You got 9, Maverick, and Knight struck out. Again, good job on destroying that Ralari. Dismissed.

Before Mission 2Edit

Shotglass: Hey, MAVERICK. How’s about a cool drink and a tall tale? Word is, we’re pullin’ out soon. Hopefully, it’s for Kurasawa System. There’s some Kilrathi colonies to beat up on when we get there. Also, I heard that one of the Kilrathi Aces is flyin’ ’round these parts. Go ask Paladin, I think he’s tangled with him before. Take care of yourself, Maverick.

Bossman: Ah, Maverick. Join our party. We have done well to this point. I believe you have played a major part. However, should we falter now, I fear that we will be pushed back to our colonies. But that is not likely. You, myself, all of us can affect that outcome. Think about that when next you fly. It will guide your actions.

Paladin: Well now, lad. ’tis good to see you again. Have a seat and tilt a glass. I hear ol’ Shotglass rumblin’ on about one o’ the Kilrathi aces. Last I ’eard, laddie, the only ace around these parts was Bakhtosh Redclaw. t’was back a few years when I had a tussle with him. He’s one o’ their nobles, so it’s said. While most Kilrathi look at Humans as animals, he thinks that we’re not even that high or mighty. Anyhow, lad, I was servin’ on a cruiser when he led a Jalthi attack on our ship. He’s easily the deadest aim that Kilrah’s got to offer. He took out four o’ me mates before we knew what hit us. Keep an eye out for him, lad. He’s a tough warrior.

Mission 2 BriefingEdit

Narrator: Mission Briefing. Dakota System.

Halcyon: No time to waste, people, so let’s get to it. Xi Wing reports a Kilrathi supply convoy moving into our attack range. We can’t pass up a target like this, so Epsilon Wing is going to take it out. MAVERICK, you will lead Knight on this one. You boys think you can pull it off?

Maverick: No problem, sir.

Halcyon: There is something you don’t yet know, MAVERICK. Our spotters have placed a Kilrathi ace, Bakhtosh Redclaw, with the convoy. He’s a Kilrathi nobleman, and the deadliest shot in the entire Kilrathi navy. Here’s the scenario for this one. You’ll first intercept a Dorkir-class tanker at the jump-point near Nav 1. Blow her to bits and proceed to Nav 2. At that point, you should sight at least one Kilrathi troop transport. Those transports are your main objective… and probably the best defended. You are to engage and destroy all Kilrathi transports. No survivors. You watch yourself with Redclaw, but concentrate your fire on the ’sports. You launch in three minutes. Dismissed.

Mission 2 DebriefingEdit

Mission Debriefing.

Halcyon: Good landing, MAVERICK. How did things go out there? Maverick: The tanker’s been nailed, sir. She went up in a flash. Halcyon: Good job. How did you fare against the troop carriers? Maverick: We took out the first transport without too much problem, the second one was tougher, but we got her too. Halcyon: I knew that you boys could do it. That’s very good work. You two have done well today. According to the log, you shot down Bakhtosh Redclaw. My congratulations. According to your flight recorder, you wasted 12 of the fuzzballs, MAVERICK... ...and Knight didn't get any kills. Dismissed.

Mission 2 OfficeEdit

Halcyon: We'll be leaving this system soon and I need to make some personnel changes. Effective immediately following the jump, you'll be reassigned. I want you in the one of the new Rapier-class mediums in Black Lion Squadron.

Maverick: Yes, sir! You won't be sorry!

Halcyon: Good. I’m glad to hear it. That’s all, then, MAJ. Dismissed.

Kurasawa SystemEdit

Before Misssion 0Edit

Shotglass: MAVERICK, how’s it going? So here we are, in Kurasawa. Kilrathi call it Warach Tha, they say. Empire’s s’posed to have several bases on an’ ’round the fourth planet, so I suppose you boys’ll be seein’ some serious action soon. Still, we’re not the first Terran ship here. I heard the Kilrathi in system are already half beat.

Maniac: MAVERICK, am I glad to see you. I’m going insane listening to Angel talk about fuel-to-acceleration ratios. Heard that we’re about to raid some fuzzball bases. That’d be great! I haven’t shot at anything in a week, and I’m starting to get restless.

Angel: Allô, MAVERICK. You have a moment, non? The Colonel has directed our crew chiefs to prepare our Rapiers for battle. I had hoped we would have flown them more before now. C’est la vie. Should you get the chance, let me know how they fly. It is trés important. Au revoir, MAVERICK.

Mission 0 BriefingEdit

Mission Briefing. Kurasawa System.

Halcyon: All right, boys and girls. Let’s get to work. First, I want to congratulate you all for your efforts at Dakota. Our successes there were crucial to recent developments in the war effort. The Kilrathi advance has been halted, and now the Confederation is on the offensive. Now we’re moving on the Kilrathi bases in the Kurasawa system. These bases are vital to Kilrathi command and communication in the sector. The Empire is currently trying to ferry troops and supplies to these bases, in a frantic attempt to defend them. I’m sending my best pilots, in my best fighters, to head off these supplies.

Narrator: The commander assigns several wings, led by Iceman, Hunter, and other aces. Your assignment comes last…

Halcyon: Theta is especially vital, so I’m sending you, MAVERICK, with Bossman as your wing. Computer, display Theta Wing. We’ve detected several Kilrathi fighters circling two nearby jump points. One Dorkir-class transport has already jumped in here, at Nav 1a. You’ll intercept and destroy it, then move on to Nav 2, where another squadron of Kilrathi fighters awaits an incoming ’sport. When you’ve taken care of any ’sports that appear at Nav 2, return to the Tiger’s Claw via Nav 1b, in case there are any late arrivals. Questions?

Bossman: Yes, Colonel. Do we have any intelligence regarding the contents of the ’sports?

Halcyon: Nothing definite, Major, but that first Dorkir is especially well guarded. It must be something – or someone – the hairballs don’t want to lose. If that’s all the questions, then let’s get into space. Squadron dismissed.

Mission 0 DebriefingEdit

Mission Debriefing.

Halcyon: Welcome back, Major. Let’s have your report.

Maverick: Yes sir. We nailed the Dorkir at Nav 1a. We got another ’sport at Nav 2. We took out one more at Nav 1b, on the way back in.

Halcyon: We’ve determined that the first Dorkir was a command staff ship, MAVERICK. Blasting that one should cripple their chain of command. Good job. I’ve read the flight log of your engagements, Major. You took out 14 of the fuzzballs, MAVERICK... ...and Bossman struck out. I’ll go over your report in detail later. That’s all. Dismissed.

Before Mission 1Edit

Shotglass: Take a load off, MAVERICK. I’ve got good news. We just got a report from the siege force over Kurasawa IV. The CSS Suffolk just torched a Kilrathi communications station. That should keep those Kilrathi jerks in the dark for a while. I’ll let you know if I hear anything else. See you, MAVERICK.

Knight: Good day, MAVERICK. Heard you’re flying a Rapier these days. Is it really as quick as everyone says? I’ve got to see it in action. I just got back from a patrol out near Kurasawa IV. That was a nightmare. Me and Lightning were jumped by a couple of wings of Gratha. We managed to take out five of them before they got Lightning. If we’d had those Rapiers, I bet that we’d never have taken a hit. They’re good ships. You’re lucky to fly one out.

Spirit: Konichi-wa, MAVERICK-san. Do you have time to share? I am inspired by the reports of our successes. We are doing well. Still, I am sure that there are many battles left to be fought. The Kilrathi will not be vanquished until they are beaten on their own territory. Beware a desperate enemy, Maverick. They will stop at nothing to defeat you. Until we meet again.

Mission 1 BriefingEdit

Narrator: Mission Briefing. Kurasawa System.

Halcyon: Okay, boys and girls, we’ve been lucky. Less than 4 hours ago, we received a Code Blue transmission. It seems our boys captured a Ralari-class destroyer in the Port Hedland System. Sector Command wants to use this ship in our siege here at Kurasawa. I’ve given my assurances that we’ll bring her in intact. I’m sending a wing to rendezvous with the Ralari and escort it to the Claw. Bossman and MAVERICK, this one’s yours. MAVERICK will fly lead.

Maverick: Understood, Colonel.

Halcyon: Here’s the scenario. Computer, display Omicron. The Ralari entered the system at the jump-point near Nav 1. There’s an asteroid belt along the way. Keep your eyes peeled for trouble. Once you’ve arrived at the rendezvous point, you’ll escort the destroyer back here. One other note. Our sensors show a Kilrathi force approaching at high speed. They must have been sent to prevent us from getting the Ralari. Expect a tough fight. That’s all, gentlemen. Dismissed.

Mission 1 DebriefingEdit

Narrator: Mission Debriefing.

Halcyon: The captured Ralari has pulled into formation with the Claw. Good job, MAVERICK! Same for you, Major Chen. You both are a credit to the Confederation.

Bossman: The credit belongs to MAVERICK, sir.

Maverick: I can’t take all the credit, sir. Bossman played a major role.

Halcyon: Let’s review what happened out there. MAVERICK got 7 of the hairballs, and none for Bossman. I commend you on bringing back the Ralari. Dismissed.

Before Mission 2Edit

Shotglass: Good morning, MAVERICK (the subtitles say ARMSTRONG). How’s tricks? Have you seen the news trids that they’re showin’ in the mess hall lately? Mostly repeats, last I saw. I mean, can’t we ever get any new shows? What happened to the Confederate News Network? It’s getting harder to know what’s going on before everyone else does around here. After all, I’ve got a reputation as an omniscient bartender to uphold.

Hunter: Say there, mate. Got a minute? I’ve ’ad a chat with the Colonel. ’E says we’ll be flyin’ together soon. Let me give you a few notes on my style… before we launch. Right off, I’m not as crazy as some people say. I’ve just got me own ways. ’long as we take a crack at any fuzzballs we see, I’ll be ’appy. Also, it never ’urts to check out ev’ry angle. Even if that means going against the plan. After all, you just might find something you’d miss otherwise.

Iceman: MAVERICK (the subtitles says ARMSTRONG). Looks like we’ve got the hairballs on the run. But I won’t sleep well until they’re out of the sector. Still, I’d like to get my hands on one of them… face to face… to answer for what they did to my family on Vega VII!

Mission 2 BriefingEdit

Narrator: Mission Briefing. Kurasawa System.

Halcyon: All right, people, here’s what we’ve got. We’ve received a tight-band transmission from the Formidable, an Exeter-class destroyer. She’s just come from a scrap, and she’s in rough shape. Your mission will be to rendezvous with her, and guard her against further attack. Hunter and Waxman, you get the duty. Hunter will fly lead.

Maverick: Excuse me, sir? I served on the Formidable back at the Academy. If possible, I’d like this mission.

Halcyon: Very well, MAVERICK, you and Bossman get the nod. MAVERICK will take the lead.

Maverick: Thank you, sir.

Halcyon: Here’s the flight plan. Computer, display Chi. You are to proceed directly to the Formidable, which jumped in at Nav 1. The destroyer has reported a minefield between Nav 1 and the Claw. Once you’ve arrived at the rendezvous point, you’ll escort the destroyer back here. You should return via Nav 2, and avoid the minefield entirely. Be on guard. The Kilrathi would love to take out an Exeter-class ship. Dismissed.

Mission 2 DebriefingEdit

Mission Debriefing.

Halcyon: Good to have you back. What’s the status of the destroyer?

Maverick: She’s been put into tow, and is powering down for repairs.

Halcyon: Good. You’ve earned us one more ship we have to use against the hairballs. Both of you have done a fine job out there. Let’s review your performance. MAVERICK, you destroyed 10 of the Kilrathi fighters, and Bossman came up blank. Why don’t you go and see Commander Della Guardia on the Formidable? She’s already asked to meet her escort. Dismissed.

Venice SystemEdit

Before Mission 0Edit

Shotglass: So, MAVERICK, here we are in the Venice system, in the heart of Kilrathi space. Course, the hairballs have their own name for it… Kharak Tar, I think. Its habitable planet is a water world, like Port Hedland’s. We call it Venice ’cause of ancient ruins on it, sinkin’ into the ocean. But the Killie-cats aren’t supposed to like the water, so they put their base in the system in an orbital station. Tactical thinks if we find that station and take it out, we’ll take out the brains of the Kilrathi operations in the whole sector!

Hunter: MAVERICK, mate! I understand we’ll be flyin’ together for a while. Colonel’s just moved me over to Black Lion Squadron and Rapier fighters. I can’t wait to get out in one of these new Rapiers, mate! As I recall, she’s got both lasers and neutron guns, right? The lasers were designed for firin’ at a distance, an’ the neutron guns for extra punch up close!

Paladin: I ’ad a run in with Khajja a while back. ’e’s the coldest furball I’ve ever seen! I was flyin’ with Dragon, out of Yellowjacket Squadron. We ran into Khajja the Fang while we were flyin’ watchdog on a tanker. We shot ’is wingmen to bits, and put ’is own shields and lasers out, but still ’e keeps comin’! We’re tight on is tail, but ’e holds ’is course and fires off a missile. One shot, right up the tanker’s tailpipe, and she blows, big as day! An’ while Dragon an’ me are dodgin’ ’er debris, the hairy bastard makes ’is escape!

Mission 0 BriefingEdit

Narrator: Mission Briefing. Venice System.

Halcyon: All right, boys and girls. Welcome to Venice. Confederate Sector Command believes this system is vital to the Kilrathi. Some intelligence reports indicate that Kilrathi High Command... ...may be located in a starbase somewhere in this system. If that is the case, we need to find it as quickly as possible. We’ll immediately commence an intensive schedule of recon patrols, to identify all vessels and large objects in the system.

Narrator: The commander quickly assigns four wings to patrol missions. Yours is the fifth assignment.

Halcyon: MAVERICK, you’ll lead Epsilon Wing. I’m putting Hunter with you.

Hunter: Glad to be on your wing, mate!

Halcyon: Here’s your route, gentlemen. Computer, display Epsilon. You’ll fly a four-point patrol. At the first nav point, you’ll fly by one of our own Exeters. From there on out, though, you’ll be in unknown territory. Now there’s a lot of debris floating around out there, and we believe that a lot of it is going to be Kilrathi mines. You’ll be flying near debris at Navs 1, 2, and 3, so be careful. And I want a report on the locations of any minefields you encounter. Any questions, MAVERICK? Hunter?

Maverick: What kind of enemy ships do you expect us to encounter? Halcyon: Since this is a major Kilrathi base system, we expect a strong enemy presence. You could meet almost anything out there.

Hunter: When we spot them, Colonel, do we mix it up?

Halcyon: MAVERICK’ll have to make that call, but I’d recommend engaging anything up to a Ralari. Now, if there aren’t any questions… All right, then. Squadron dismissed.

Mission 0 DebriefingEdit

Narrator: Mission Debriefing. Halcyon: Welcome back, MAVERICK. Did you hit all your Nav Points? Maverick: Yes, sir, all four. Halcyon: Run into anything unusual out there? Hunter: Nothin’ we couldn’t ’andle, Colonel. Maverick: Met Khajja the Fang out near Nav 4, flying escort for a Ralari. Halcyon: Oh? I’d heard he was in the system. How’d you do against him? Maverick: Nailed him, sir. Got the Ralari, too. Halcyon: Excellent job! Congratulations, Maverick. All right, then, let’s go over the numbers. You scragged 11 of the Kilrathi fighters, Maverick, and Hunter came up empty. Dismissed.

Before Mission 1Edit

Shotglass: Hey, MAVERICK. I hear you ran into Khajja the Fang out there yesterday. Colonel said you did him in! Man, that hairball’s needed killin’ since I was a rookie. One of the pilots from Killer Bee squadron was in earlier, said the Kilrathi’d be sendin’ their top aces after us soon. Thought you might like to know, so you could keep an eye out.

Maniac: The Bossman here might like to come at a big ship from behind, but I like to approach the big ones from the side. They’ve got all their missiles to the front, and most of their guns to the front and the back. Bossman: True enough. Maniac: If you come in from the side, you’ll have time to get in close, then you can really let the sucker have it!

Maniac: I hear the Kilrathi build ’em that way on purpose, Boss, to make the captains keep their noses pointed towards the enemy!

Bossman: I have heard that as well, Lieutenant, though I see no reason to believe Kilrathi captains are so cowardly.

Maniac: The Bossman here might like to come at a big ship from behind, but I like to approach the big ones from the side. They’ve got all their missiles to the front, and most of their guns to the front and the back.

Bossman: True enough.

Maniac: If you come in from the side, you’ll have time to get in close, then you can really let the sucker have it!

Mission 1 BriefingEdit

Narrator: Mission Briefing. Venice System. Halcyon: After extensive reconnaissance of this section of the Venice system... ...our patrols have located and identified a number of Kilrathi vessels. In our next several missions, we’ll be engaging and destroying these ships. Our fighters will be working with fighters from the carrier Kyoto, which has recently joined us in the Venice system. MAVERICK, you’re first up with Nu wing. I’ll keep Hunter on your wing for now. You’ll be going after a Fralthi with a couple of the Kyoto’s fighters. Computer, display Nu. You’ll rendezvous with two Rapiers, Foxtrot Wing, from the Kyoto, here. From this point, you’ll proceed to Nav 1, skirting the edge of an asteroid field. Then you’ll head on to Nav 2, the last reported position of the Fralthi. She can’t be far from this point, and she’s an awfully big bogie. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding her. Questions? Hunter: I’d guess a Fralthi’d have a fighter escort, Colonel… Halcyon: She’ll be well-guarded. Tactical says to look for Gratha on wide patrol, and either Salthi or Krant flying close escort. Anyone else? Bossman: Have we got a position on the main Kilrathi base in the system, Colonel? Halcyon: Not yet, Kien, but Tactical’s narrowed it down to a few possibilities. If that’s it, then let’s get into space. Squadron dismissed.

Mission 1 DebriefingEdit

Narrator: Mission Debriefing. Halcyon: Nicely done, gentlemen. Maverick: Thank you, sir. That Fralthi was a tough– Halcyon: Oh, the Fralthi, that’s unimportant compared to what was in your computer. Tactical started analysing your log as soon as you arrived and downloaded. That Fralthi was in direct contact with the Kilrathi starbase, and Tactical can use the intelligence you gathered to find it! They’ll have her location pinpointed within the hour! Hunter: Colonel, that’s bloody incredible! When do we go take ’er out? Halcyon: Soon, very soon. For now, though, let’s go over your mission report. Computer credits you with 13 Kilrathi, MAVERICK, and none for Hunter. That’s all. Dismissed.

Before Mission 2Edit

Shotglass: Seen the news on the tri-d lately? Looks like the Kilrathi are startin’ to pull out of the sector! We chased them out of Brimstone, Kurasawa and Gimle, and now they’re pullin’ out of Tartarus and Nifelheim, too! It looks like Venice is goin’ to be where they make their stand... ...and we’ll be here to help kick them out of Vega Sector. It’s history in the makin’, man!

Hunter: I was thinkin’, mate. There’s somethin’ we might want to try… Paladin, ’ere, tells me tha’ the furballs ’ave been plantin’ mines around… I was thinkin’ we might try to use those mines to our advantage! If we’re dogfightin’ near a minefield, why not try to lead ’em into it? There’ll be more of them than there are of us, an’ if we concentrate on the avoidin’ the mines, while they’re thinkin’ of shootin’ us, they might just run into a few mines by accident!

Paladin: Och, MAVERICK, lad. Things are lookin’ up, aren’t they? I’ve ’eard the Kilrathi are pullin’ all their ships in, gatherin’ ’em all ’round that starbase we’ve been lookin’ for. But they’re s’posed to ’ave mined the system pretty ’eavily. Hunter: Not to worry, mate! Their mines’ll blow up their ships as soon as ours. Paladin: Hunter here thinks their mines can be used against them, but I’m not so sure. I say you can’t be too careful when you’re flying through a minefield!

Mission 2 BriefingEdit

Mission Briefing. Venice System. Halcyon: As some of you have heard, we’ve pinpointed this system’s Kilrathi base. The Tiger’s Claw will begin to move into position to strike that base. Because Venice is a vital Kilrathi system... ...we expect significant resistance as we move the Claw into position. For that reason, I’ll be dispatching wings to fly on her flanks... head off any attacks from the sides as we move. Narrator: The Colonel assigns wings to fly above, below, and to port of the Claw. Halcyon: MAVERICK, you’ll guard our starboard side. Hunter will fly your wing again on this mission. Here’s your route. Computer, display Phi. This is essentially a three-point patrol, except that you’ll rendezvous with the Tiger’s Claw at Nav 3... ...instead of returning to the Claw’s original position. Be on the lookout for any enemy vessels in the area. It’s safe to assume any Kilrathi you see is headed to attack the Claw, so your orders are to immediately engage and destroy all enemy ships. Any questions? Maverick: What kind of opposition are we looking at on this one, sir? Halcyon: Hard to say, MAVERICK. This is a crucial base for the Kilrathi... they’ll send their best to defend it. Now, if that’s all the questions… All right, then. Squadron dismissed.

Mission 2 DebriefingEdit

Narrator: Mission Debriefing. Halcyon: Glad you made it back, MAVERICK. Those Gratha were giving us a hard time. Maverick: We ran into some opposition along the way, sir, but we got past ’em. Halcyon: We expected that. Just what did you come up against? Maverick: Mostly a Ralari with a couple of Dralthi for escort. They didn’t get past us. Halcyon: Good job, Maverick. All right, then, let’s go over the numbers. You scragged 9 of the Kilrathi fighters, Maverick, and Hunter came up empty. Dismissed.

Before Mission 3Edit

Shotglass: Hey, MAVERICK. You hear about Nifelheim and Tartarus? Our boys have kicked those blasted hairballs out of both systems. They had footage of the ground battle on Tartarus on the tri-d. Man, it was great! Our marines, marchin’ through the streets of the biggest Kilrathi colony, linin’ the fleabags up and loadin’ ’em on to prison ships. They’re goin’ to ship ’em back to Kilrah, lock, stock, and barrel. Me, I’d put ’em to work minin’ salt or harvestin’ fungus, but I don’t reckon that’d work out too good. I’m just happy to see ’em bein’ sent out of the sector... we can have a little peace again!

Angel: Ah, LT. COL. ARMSTRONG. Bonjour. I have heard that the Kilrathi have sent all of their best against us now. Since Venice is the last contested system in the sector... ...we will face the finest pilots they have left to them. I have been reading the records of their leading aces, but it appears that their best known pilots have all died!

Paladin: Och, lad, I reckon this fight’s just about over. About bloody time, too, that’s what I say! I spent me entire career fightin’ the Kilrathi, you dinna ken how much it means to me to be here, now that we’re about to run their fuzzy tails out of the sector!

Mission 3 BriefingEdit

Narrator: Mission Briefing. Venice System. Halcyon: All right, people, this is the big one. We’ve discovered that the enemy base here in the Venice System... the Kilrathi High Command for this entire sector. We’ll be moving in for the final assault on the starbase today. The Kilrathi will expect us to come in with all of our capital ships. That means they’ll be looking for us in a few hours. Tactical has determined that if we send in a handful of starfighters, we’ll be able to hit them before they’ve gathered around the base. We’ll send several wings to punch through the perimeter to the base. Here are the assignments for each wing… Marrator: The Colonel quickly runs through the wings of Black Lion Squadron. Halcyon: MAVERICKx, you and Hunter will head straight in, along this route. Computer, display Omega. Your first objective is the Fralthi-class light cruiser at Nav 1. She’ll have fighter escort as well, but you’re just to slip past them - don’t stick around to dogfight. Then it’s on to the Kilrathi base, here at Nav 2. There will be lots of fighters around the base, but try to ignore them. You’re main objective is to take out that base. Questions? Hunter: What are we supposed to take the base out with, anyway, Colonel? Halcyon: Your missiles. Save them for the base, because your ship’s guns will be useless against anything that big. Anyone else? All right, then. Let’s get to work. Squadron dismissed.

Mission 3 DebriefingEdit

Narrator: Mission Debriefing. Halcyon: Congratulations, men! You just finished the Kilrathi in Vega sector! Hunter: Oy, Colonel! Don’t go all misty on me! Maverick: Thank you, sir. We were very lucky– Hunter: Now, ’old on there, mate! I’d say talent ’ad a bit to do with it as well! Halcyon: No false modesty, Lt. Colonel. You’re entitled to be proud of what you’ve done. Maverick: I suppose it was pretty impressive, wasn’t it, sir? Hunter: ’at’s the spirit, MAVERICK! Let’s go and see Shotglass for a little celebration! Halcyon: Not so fast, there, Hunter. You two are the guests of honor at a little ceremony upstairs!

Mission 3 OfficeEdit

Halcyon: We'll be leaving the system soon and I need to make some personnel changes. Effective immediately following the jump, you'll be reassigned.

Maverick: Have I done something wrong, sir?

Halcyon: It's nothing personal, MAVERICK. Just a simple matter of attrition. As we lose ships and pilots from various squadrons... ...I have to shift personnel to keep the maximum number of fighters active.

Maverick: I see, sir.

Halcyon: Good. I'm glad to hear it. That's all, then, LT. COL. Dismissed.

Cutscene (end of Vega Campaign)Edit

Halcyon: Attention all vessels of Strike Force Delta, prepare to make jump.

Campaign 1Edit

Goddard (series 1)Edit

Before Mission 0Edit

Shotglass: Well, hiya, Maverick! Things are happening around here. We’ve been making a lot of jumps. A lot of jumps. You don’t have to be an active-duty pilot to realise that something unusual is happening. Keep your ears open, and let me know what you hear, okay?

Bossman: Maverick! Sit down, have a drink. I was just thinking about a story I’d heard about the Gwenhyvar, an Exeter-class ship that disappeared a few years ago. Iceman: You don’t really believe that old fairy tale, do you? Bossman: I don’t think it’s a fairy tale, Ice. Maverick: I’ve never heard this story, Bossman. What happened to the Gwenhyvar? Bossman: Supposedly the Kilrathi captured it intact in dry dock, with all of its fighter complement and some of the crew… and they’ve used it to deceive and destroy other Confederation ships. No one who’s encountered the Gwenhyvar has survived to tell the tale. Iceman: I’ll believe it when I see it.

Iceman: Strange things going on. I was on the bridge a few hours ago. Tiger’s Claw received a coded transmission from High Command. The Colonel read it… and ordered non-essentials off the bridge. Since then, we’ve been jumping like crazy. Bossman: We’ll know what’s happening soon enough, Iceman. Iceman: True. Very true.

Mission 0 Briefing=Edit

Narrator (subtitles add extra lines after briefing): Mission Briefing, 06:00 hours, (random date with default starting at :.110:).

Halcyon: Quiet, everyone. We have a lot of ground to cover. As you may have noticed, the Tiger’s Claw has made several jumps today because we’ve been temporarily ordered out of Vega Sector. Several hours ago, we received an emergency communication from the Goddard colony in the Deneb sector. A Kilrathi fleet has attacked the colony, using some kind of new weapon. Unfortunately, we’ve lost communications with the colony. Now we’re preparing to jump to Goddard.

Maniac: Sir? Does this mean we don’t know what kind of mess we’re jumping into?

Halcyon: Right. We don’t know the full extent of the Kilrathi fleet, and we don’t know what’s happened to the Goddard colony. For now, no one is to talk about this to the crew. However, we won’t be alone as we’re scheduled to make a rendezvous with the Hickok. She’s a Dilligent-class ’sport loaded with emergency relief supplies for the colony. Also, we rendezvous with the Marciano, a Venture-class corvette. Mission assignments: Alpha Wing will patrol in Hornets… we need you in our fastest ships. You’ll launch immediately when we appear in the Goddard system. If there are any cats in our vicinity, eliminate them. Then I want you to go to Nav 1 and scout for any other Kilrathi activity. Afterwards, proceed to Nav Point 2, where the Hickok is preparing to jump to Goddard, and provide support for her if the Kilrathi attack. Once she’s jumped, go to Nav Point 3, where you’ll meet with the Marciano. Escort the corvette back to the Claw, eliminating any threats. MAVERICK, you’re wingleader, with Hunter as your wingman.

Narrator: The Colonel moves on to the other wing and squad assignments. Maverick’s attention snaps back to him as he concludes.

Halcyon: That’s all. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for launch.



Halcyon: I want to see you in my office later, MAVERICK.

Maverick: Yes, sir.

Halcyon: Captain, stop by my office after your shift.

Halcyon: Oh, and MAVERICK, I want to see you in my office after you've cleaned up.

Commander (listed on the door)

Narrator: Colonel Halcyon's office.

Halcyon: ARMSTRONG. Come in. I need to speak with you.

Maverick: Yes, sir?

Halcyon: I've been speaking with Sector Command. The brass have been reviewing your record, and I have good news. The order came in this morning. I've been authorized to promote you. Congratulations, CAPT./MAJ./LT. COL. ARMSTRONG! Keep up the good work!

Maverick: Thank you, sir. I'll do my best.

Halcyon: Good. I'm glad to hear it. That's all, then, CAPT./MAJ./LT. COL. Dismissed.


Welcome back, sir. Looks like you got away pretty clean.


Narrator: Hanger deck.

Halcyon: For meritorious conduct in confronting the Kilrathi enemy... The Terran Confederation is proud to present the Gold Star/Bronze Star/Silver Star. Your courage is exemplary of the Confederation's finest defenders. Good job, MAVERICK. Congratulations!

Maverick: Thank you, sir!

Halcyon: In consideration of his valorous service to Humanity, leading the forces of the Confederation against the Empire of Kilrah, taking a decisive role in the Vega Sector Campaign... ...and commanding the squadron which accomplished the pivotal victory... The Terran Confederation is proud to present the Medal of Valor. History shall number you among the greatest heroes of Humanity. Good job, MAVERICK. Congratulations.

Maverick: Thank you, sir!

Cutscene:System JumpsEdit

To Gateway Comm Officer:

To Chengdu Comm Officer

To Gimle

Comm Officer

To McAulliffe

Comm Officer:

Cutscene (2nWG_mov)Edit

Zeta Three: Major Armstrong, this is Zeta 3. Are you alright? Over.

Cutscene (BGS_mov)Edit

Kilrathi pilot: Sivar be praised, the humans have been caught off guard!

Cutscene (

Armstrong: Got em! Uh oh, better get out quick!

Cutscene (

Halcyon: Attention all vessels of Strike Force Delta, prepare to make jump.

Cutscene (Drem_00)Edit

Spirit: Konechiwa, Maverick-san You have faced the enemies' fire with skill and daring. You are a true warrior. May the spirits of my ancestors watch over you, until we meet again.

Cutscene (Drem_01)Edit

Hunter: Good hunting mate, slag some furballs for old Hunter.

Cutscene (drem_02)Edit

Bossman: Remember that you're setting the examples now. watch out for the rookies, as I watched out for you.

Cutscene (drem_03)Edit

Iceman: Hey kid, remember stay on your toes, shoot straight, and you'll do fine.

Cutscene (drem_04)Edit

Angel: Maverick, I have something to say, I should have said a long time ago. Joie de pouf (sic?) le vivre francaise... I love you, fair well my love.

Cutscene (drem_05)Edit

Paladin: You have fought as bravely as any man in the Navy. I'm as proud as you lad, as I would be if you were my own son. Good luck, and good flying.

Cutscene (drem_06)Edit

Maniac: Remember Armstrong, I was always the better pilot.

Cutscene (drem_07)Edit

Knight: Keep up the good fight! Give em hell!

Cutscene (Fin)Edit

Thralakar: All attack wings... This is Thralakar (sic). Concentrate your firepower on the Exeter.

Cutscene (Final)Edit

Halcyon: Picking up something on my screen... Oh my God, Vindicator get out of there. Massive incoming... Repeat massive incom...

Cutscene (Home)Edit

Maniac: You had us all worried there for a minute. We sure taught those furballs a lesson today, huh? Right, let's go home.

Cutscene (Mfly) Edit

Halcyon: Looks like we caught them with their pants down. Vindicator you're clear to begin assault, let em have it.

Cutscene (Mfly2) Edit

Armstrong: All right Vindicator, great job. There is not enough left down here to scrape up with a spoon!

Cutscene (Mid1) Edit

Thrakish (sp?): Brimstone Base... this is Count Lord Thrakish. The human attack has failed, I'm resuming course.

Cutscene (Mid2) Edit

Thrakish: Anticipate arrival within the hour. Prepare for immediate unloading of the missiles... Over.

Cutscene (Mid3&4) Edit

O'Brien: All vessels of Attack Force Gamma, this is Commander O'Brien of the Vindicator. We are currently entering the Brimstone System...All stations full battle alert. Omega Wing prepare for reconnaissance flight.

Pilot: Roger that, Vindicator. Come on you two, let's do it, and let's hope the fur balls haven't had time to get those missiles in place yet.

Cutscene (SKWH) Edit

Armstrong: Too close for comfort!

Cutscene (Side) Edit

Comm. Exeter: Blue Devil 5 what is your current status? Over...

Blue Devil Five: Everything is operational, Exeter.

Comm. Exeter: Roger that, Blue Devil 5.

Blue Devil Five: Wait a second Exeter, radar is showing multiple bogeys coming in fast.

Boeckheler: Attack Force Delta... This is commander Boeckheler ... we have come under attack by large force of Kilrathi fighters... All stations code red... This is full battle alert.

Cutscene (system jumps) Edit


The Tiger's Claw jumps into the Enyo System.

The Tiger's Claw jumps into the McAuliffe System.

The Tiger's Claw jumps into the Gateway System.

The TIger's Claw jumps into the Gimle System.

The Tiger's Claw jumps into the Port Hedland System.

The Tiger's Claw jumps into the Goddard System.

The Tiger's Claw jumps into the Hubble Star System.

The Tiger's Claw jumps into the Jakarta System.

The Tiger's Claw jumps into the Brimstone System.

The Tiger's Claw jumps into the Cheng Du System.

The Tiger's Claw jumps into the Dakota System.

The Tiger's Claw jumps into the Kurasawa System.

The Tiger's Claw jumps into the Anchorage System.

The Tiger's Claw jumps into the Tartarus System.

The Tiger's Claw jumps into the Rostov System.

The Tiger's Claw jumps into the Venice System.

The Tiger's Claw retreats into Terran Space.

The Tiger's Claw jumps into Kilrathi Space, codenamed Jotunheim.

The Tiger's Claw jumps into Kilrathi Space, codenamed Midgard.

The Tiger's Claw jumps into uncharted Kilrathi Space, codenamed Bifrost.

The Tiger's Claw jumps deep into uncharted Kilrathi Space, codenamed Asgard.

The Tiger's Claw jumps into unknown Kilrathi Space, codenamed Vigrid.

The Tiger's Claw jumps into the Border Zone.

The Tiger's Claw jumps into the Cairo System.

The Tiger's Claw jumps into the Cairo System.

The Tiger's Claw jumps into the Hell's Kitchen System.

The Tiger's Claw and her escorts jumps into the Hubble Star System.

Cutscene (WAP) Edit

Armstrong: Ahh, ya I'm fine, over.

Cutscene (wave) Edit

Comm Officer: Colonel, jump point is eight seconds away, five, four, three two...

Secret Missions 1.5Edit

TARTARUS SYSTEM [TALK TO SHOTGLASS] Shotglass: Hey Maverick, how ya holdin' up? I'd heard that we were going to get some R and R, but something came up. Feels like we haven't had any leave since I signed on. Blasted cats keeping us busy. Maverick: Yeah, I could sure do with a rest myself. Shotglass: I think everyone could. Bossman is looking pretty ragged these days. Maybe we'll get a break soon.

[TALK TO SPIRIT] Spirit: MAVERCK! Would you care to join us? It will be nice to have a real break, especially after operation Thor's Hammer. Bossman: I was certain that we wouldn't survive that mission. I'm glad I as wrong, at least this time. Spirit: Maverick-san, is something troubling you? You see distant and pensive. Maverick: No, I'm fine, I'm just tired. Thor's Hammer wore me out. Spirit: If you are certain then. But remember, I will always listen if you have a need. I heard there is a chance that we may not get to go directly to R&R. I would not mind so much if we did not, as I could not spend it with my fiancee. He is assigned elsewhere and I cannot even be told for security reasons.

[TALK TO BOSSMAN] Bossman: Maverick! How's it going? I really hope we get leave. I haven't seen my wife in ages. And I've never even met my daughter! I'd really like to get to know her… so if something happens to me… she might have a chance to remember me. She'll be a year old next month. Can you believe its been a year since she was born? Oh, that was before you joined us on the Tiger's Claw. I'm sorry I'm so depressing, Maverick. Spirit: That is all right, Kien. We understand. Bossman: Thank you Spirit, I've appreciated your support all these months. Spirit: Think nothing of it. That's what comrades are for. Bossman: Yes, I suppose, still I will not forget your kindness.

[MISSION BRIEFING. BORDER ZONE. EN ROUTE TO TARTARUS SYSTEM.] Halcyon: I hope everyone's been enjoying this trip so far… because you're going to have to do some real work again. We've received reports of a Fralthi moving to Tartarus system. We need to take care of it now, before it arrives. So we can maintian our mission status when we get there. I know I can count on you to get the job done. Iceman: What about shore leave? Halcyon: That's one reason we need to take out this Fralthi now, Iceman, to ensure the safety in Tartarus. These are your assignments. Maverick, you'll be Alpha wing, with Hunter as your wingman. You'll fly a Rapier - a good all purpose ship. Go to Nav 1, in order to avoid the minefield between us and the Fralthi. Destroy the Fralthi and return to the Tiger's Claw directly. [Colonel Halcyon assigns the other pilots to their duties] Halcyon: Remember, the main objective is to destroy the Fralthi. Don't risk using up your missiles on stray fighters. Stick to your guns and only use missiles when absolutely necessary. And something else I wanted to mention. Hunter did a bolter yesterday, a 2 point touch and go landing. He managed to snap off one of his ship's laser cannons, break 3 aerials and terrify the flight deck crew. Pilots, we use the ACLS, our auto-landing system, for very good reasons. The next hotshot pilot who tries a manual control landing will be scrubbing decks for a week. Is that understood? All right pilots, prepare for launch. Dismissed.


[MISSION DEBRIEFING, BORDER ZONE. EN ROUTE TO TARTARUS SYSTEM.] Halcyon: So how did it go out there, Maverick? Did you get that Fralthi? Maverick: Yes sir! We wasted her right on schedule. Halcyon: Good, that's just what I wanted to hear. The destruction of that Fralthi was vital. Good work. Well Maverick, you got X and Hunter got X. Okay. Get some rest before your next mission, Lt.

[TALK TO SHOTGLASS] Shotglass: Have a drink, Maverick! We've got something to celebrate! I just heard the news from Major Chapman on the Austin! The Confed fleet chased the Kilrathi strike force from Vega prime. It was kinda weird actually. There wasn't a major battle or anything like that. The cats just closed up shop and left. Maverick: It sounds like they had somewhere else they wanted to go, Sam. Shotglass: Makes you wonder, doesn't it? But still, they ran away. That's a victory for our side, isn't it?

[TALK TO KNIGHT] Knight: Maverick! We were just talking about you, Angel and I. She says you've been doing special work for the Colonel. Can you tell us about it? Maverick: I'm afraid not. Not yet anyway. Knight: Ah yes. Well we understand.

[TALK TO ANGEL] Angel: Maverick! Did you hear what happened on the last patrol? Nearly all the pilots encountered enemy warships! And one of the Tactical officers said that there might be more Kilrathi in this area. Fortunately we are not alone in this sector. If we need combat more pilots, they will transfer personell from the TCS Austin. I truly hope that we will not need those other pilots, but this could be an excellent chance to compare tactics with them, non?

[COMMANDER HALCYON HAS CALLED YOU TO HIS OFFICE FOR A SPECIAL BREIFING] [TARTARUS SYSTEM, NEAR KILRATHI LINES] Halcyon: Come in Maverick, I need to speak to you. Maverick: Yes sir? Halcyon: I have a mission for you. One that's vitally important to our cause. We have been contacted by a Kilrathi Colonel who wishes to defect. I need you to fly out to meet him and guide him back to the Tiger's Claw . He will be in a Dralthi, and we want that ship intact. Do whatever is necessary to keep it that way, understood? Maverick: Yes sir! Halcyon: Good, the details of the mission are already entered into your flight recorder. If you encounter the enemy, remember. Your first priority is the safety of that Dralthi. If you can get a clear shot oh 'em go ahead, but don't risk the mission. You'll be in a Rapier. That's all, dismissed.


[MISSION DEBRIEFING, TARTARUS SYSTEM NEAR KILRATHI LINES] Halcyon: Well Maverick, I understood you made it back safely with the Dralthi and Colonel Ralgha. Maverick: Yes sir. Halcyon: Lets hear your report. Maverick: Yes sir. I ran into a few wings of Kilrathi on the way, but took care of 'em. When I arrived at Nav 1, the convoy was under attack, but we got rid of them. The trip back was uneventful. Halcyon: Good, I couldn't have hoped for better results. I can't give you a medal for this mission, Lt., due to its sensitive nature, but I believe you deserve one. You have my thanks, Maverick Maverick: Thank you, sir. Halcyon: Yes, very well, then. Dismissed.

Comm Officer: Colonel, Jump point is 8 seconds away… 5, 4, 3, 2. [The Tiger's Claw jumps into the Cairo system].

CAIRO SYSTEM [TALK TO SHOTGLASS] Shotglass: Maverick, let me pour you a drink. I've heard that this system is really in Kilrathi space… and that we're here on some sort of covert mission. Maverick: Oh? Shotglass: Yes. Have you heard anything about it? Maverick: No, nothing. Shotglass: Hmm. I can't figure why we'd be here if it was, all by ourselves… unless it was for covert activities. I guess we'll find out, if they think we need to know.

[TALK TO HUNTER] Hunter: Hey Maverick, how's it going? I've been talking with Bossman here about flying. I love flying, I'd be happy enough if that's all I had to do. I keep having this dream where I'm out in my ship, just flying on and on. It's so peaceful… and then I wake up, no more to it. Maverick: Interesting Hunter, do you think it means anything? Hunter: Yeah, that I'd better get out of this blasted war. It's not happening soon, so I'll just deal with it. By the way Maverick, I wanted to thank you. You've been a good friend through all this, I value that. Sorry I'm getting all choked up on you.

[TALK TO BOSSMAN] Bossman: Maverick, it's good to see you. You haven't been around much lately. Maverick: Yes, well. I've been busy. The library got a new shipment of novels in. Bossman: Oh, yeah right, you've probably got a new friend. Maverick: No, it's not that, I'm just tired. Bossman: You're not sick, are you? Maverick: No, I'm fine. Thanks for asking though, Kien.

[MISSION BREIFING. CAIRO SYSTEM] Halcyon: All right, pilots, let's get to work. We're here to assure the safety of other Confederation ships. There's a Kilrathi fleet heading this way, and we're pulling out… in order to stage an attack later, while they aren't expecting it. Tactical is guessing that it's a strike force, smaller than the fleet that attacked the Goddard colony. But we don't know that for certain. They may just be passing through but we just don't have the firepower to risk a big battle yet. That day is coming soon, however, and I know we'll be ready for it. Now for your assignments. [The Colonel gives out specific orders to each wing, and then…] Halcyon: Epsilon wing will be Maverick and Maniac. Maverick is wingleader. You will follow your programmed navcomp course. Rendezvous with the corvette and proceed to Nav 2. You need to go through Nav 1 to avoid a minefield between her and Nav2. I don't think the Venture could make it through. Once the Venture has jumped return to the tiger's Claw directly through that field. If you meet the enemy, engage only to ensure the safety of that corvette. If you can avoid them, do so. That's all then, pilots. Dismissed.


[MISSION DEBREIFING. CAIRO SYSTEM] Halcyon: Welcome back, Maverick. Lets have your report. Maverick: Yes sir. We ran into some Kilrathi fighters at Nav 1, but they were no trouble. Then half way to Nav 2 we came accross a Ralari and some Krants. It was close for a while, but we scragged the Ralari and the Venture got out safely. On the way back we met some Salthi in the minefield, but they were no trouble. Halcyon: Good, you did well then. Lets look at the flight recorder data. Your kills totaled X, Maverick. Maniac was blanked. You're dismissed pilots.

[TALK TO SHOTGLASS] Shotglass: Hi there, Maverick. Have you talked to Spirit lately? I'm worried about her. She's been depressed, since she heard her fiancee might have been captured. I know you two are close, mayb eyou can figure it out. Maverick: I'll see Sam, I'm not a psychiatrist though. Shotglass: I know, but you're a friend. I think that's worth more.

[TALK TO SPIRIT] Spirit: Ahh, hello, Maverick-san. Perhaps you should talk to Jazz. I'm afraid I'm not very good company tonight. Maverick: That's what Sam says, Spirit. Would you like to talk about it? Spirit: They confirmed that my fiancee was captured by the Kilrathi. Maverick: I'm sorry Mariko, I wish there was something we could do. Spirit: I thought that he could be rescued, that there was a chance of it - But I cannot lie to myself any longer. I have never truly hated the Kilrathi, even though they caused my father's death… not until now.

[TALK TO JAZZ] Jazz: Hi there, Maverick! Getting used to life aboard the Tiger's Claw has been easy. It's a smaller ship than the Austin. You know, a man could get used to this. Maverick: We like it, Colson. Jazz: Yes, well, I wasn't used to it. The Austin is so formal, and everyone here is so layed back. And Colonel Halcyon is much more easy going than Admiral Tolwyn. I don't see why the Admiral doesn't like him, he seems fine to me.

[MISSION BRIEFING, CAIRO SYSTEM] Halcyon: Ah, yes, Maverick. I've got another secret mission for you. I need you to fly that capture Dralthi out to retrieve some broadcast data. It shouldn't be too difficult, but the secrecy factor is vital. Which is why I'm trusting you with it. Maverick: Thank you sir. What are the details? Halcyon: You are to infiltrate behind enemy lines and obtain vital information. We've equipped the Dralthi with communications computers that will simulate a real Kilrathi pilot. When you touch base at your Nav points the computer simulation will begin transmitting and will contact any capital ships to request certain information. Once the computer has acquired the data - then get out of there fast. We don't know how long these computers can deceive the Kilrathi. We think there are several capital ships maneuvering through your Nav 1. You'll fly to that Nav point, transmit to the capital ships, and then get the hell out of there. Remember Maverick, make sure you get back. Maverick: Yes, sir, I'll do my best, sir! Halcyon: The techs have refitted these Kilrathi ships with some human control mechanisms and added our own targeting systems, but we still don't know how they'll fly in combat. So watch your six. Good luck Maverick, I know you won't disappoint me. Dismissed.


[MISSION DEBRIEFING, CAIRO SYSTEM] Halcyon: Welcome back, Maverick. Lets hear your report. Maverick: I was able to move in close and target 2 Snakeir carrier at Nav 1. Halcyon: Excellent Maverick, we'll get that data to tactical right away. Maverick: And I succeeded in destroying both carriers. Halcyon: That wasn't your mission Maverick, but it'll deal a very demoralized blow to the enemy. Good work. Maverick, your flight recorder says that you killed X. All right, we transmitted a message indicating that you ran into some rocks in that asteriod field. With any luck, the Kilrathi will believe that you were destroyed. Get some rest, Armstrong.

[TALK TO SHOTGLASS] Shotglass: Hi there, Maverick. How are things today? Doing well, I hope. I've been in a good mood all day. Can't really say why. No reason, I guess. I just feel like sharing it around, you know? Here, have a glass on me. Maverick: Thanks Sam.

[TALK TO PALADIN] Paladin: Hey, lad, share a drink with me? How are they treatin' ye these days? I 'ave no complaints myself. Just thinkin' about what to do when I retire next week. Think I'll get me a small ship and fly around the galaxy. Of course, it'll put me in hock till the end of time… but I can't think of what I'd rather do.

[TALK TO JAZZ] Jazz: Hey Maverick. I hear you've been doing some special work for the Colonel. Can you tell me about? Maverick: I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about, Colson. Jazz: Yeah, sure. Got to keep it secret, I know. Maybe some time when Paladin's not around you'll fill me in? Paladin: If the man says he doesn't know what ye're talking about, he doesn't know. Leave him be, boy. Jazz: Oh, so you're a part of it too Taggart. I'm beginning to get the picture. Paladin: Don't mind him, lad. He's too full of curiosity and mischief to make real trouble.

[MISSION BRIEFING, CAIRO SYSTEM] Halcyon: All right, pilots, settle down. Lets get to work. Today we have been assigned basic patrol missions. [you listen as the Colonel completes the mission assignments] Halcyon: …and Omega wing is Maverick and Maniac. It's a normal three point patrol. Hit Nav 1 carefully, we've have reports of Kilrathi activity in this sector. Nav 2 should be clear, but stay alert, intel's been wrong before. Nav 3 is a last quick stop, then come back to the 'Claw. Any questions? Maverick: Yes sir, we are to engage the enemy, correct? Halcyon: Yes, unless the odds are against you. Use your best judgment. No more questions? Very well, then.. Dismissed.


[MISSION DEBRIEFING, CAIRO SYSTEM] Halcyon: I'm glad you both made it back. I have some bad news for you, pilots. We lost Bossman today. He and Angel were ambushed by several wings of Kilrathi Imperial Guard. They didn't have a chance. Maverick: Is Angel okay, sir? Halcyon: She wasn't badly hurt. They'll let her out of sickbay in a few hours. We'll postpone the funeral until she and Boss's wife can attend. And I just finished a vidlink conversation with the TCS Austin. We'll be keeping Jazz and Doomsday for a while. All right, Maverick, lets hear your report. Maverick: Yes, sir. Nav 1 was full of Kilrathi. I lost count, but they weren't much trouble. There was a Fralthi and two Jalthi at Nav 2. The Fralthi's history, sir. Finally, at Nav 3, there were several wings of medium fighters. Once they were taken care of it was back to the Tiger's Claw. Halcyon: Good job. Let's go over the flight recorder data. The recorder shows you credited with killing X, Maverick. Maniac didn't take down any enemy ships. Well, get some rest pilots. Oh, and drop by my office later Maverick.

Comm Officer: Colonel, Jump point is 8 seconds away… 5, 4, 3, 2. [The Tiger's Claw jumps into the Anchorage system].

ANCHORAGE SYSTEM [TALK TO SHOTGLASS] Shotglass: Hello, Maverick. Drinks are on the house today. Here's a toast to Bossman, one of the last great pilots. I'm just glad I'm not Colonel Halcyon. How do you explain to a woman with a young baby that she's a widow? Oh, by the way, I heard there's a big offensive ramping up. We're gathering the fleet, getting it ready to attack a big Kilrathi base or something. I don't know anything more about it than that. You heard anything? Maverick: No, that's news to me, Sam. If I do hear anything I'll let you know. Shotglass: I appreciate that Maverick, thanks.

[TALK TO PALADIN] Paladin: Sit down, lad. I want you to talk to Jeanette… Angel: There is nothing that any of you can say to me now. Bossman is dead, and it is my fault. Paladin: Listen to me, lass. We all know the risks when we're flying out there. Believe me, there was nothing you could do. You an' him, against all those Kilrathi? We're lucky we only lost Bossman and not the both of you. Angel: I am sorry, my friend, but I do not believe you. Maverick: Angel, you're one of the best pilots in the Confederation, but Paladin's right, sometimes you just can't win. Angel: but I should have saved him, and I did not. I have tried not to care about Bossman and you and the others in the squadron, knowing that any of you could be killed at any moment, but we all know that it's impossible not to care. Please, I wish to be alone now.

[TALK TO ANGEL] Angel: Forgive me, Maverick,. But I do not with to talk to you right now. Maverick: Angel… Angel: Non. Bossman died yesterday, flying at my wing. There is nothing you can say which would change that.

[MISSION BRIEFING, ANCHORAGE SYSTEM] Halcyon: Ah, yes, Maverick, come in. I've got another mission in the Dralthi for you. It's much like the last one, only with two Nav points. I need you to fly that captured Dralthi out to receive some broadcast data, from a Fralthi. Do not under any circumstances attack that Fralthi. Maverick: Yes sir. Halcyon: All right, any questions? Maverick: Other than the Fralthi, do I engage the enemy? Halcyon: Not if it can be avoided, Maverick. If they attack, however, defend yourself. Maverick: Yes sir, no more questions. Halcyon: Good luck Lt. dismissed.


[MISSION DEBRIEFING, ANCHORAGE SYSTEM] Halcyon: Well Maverick, lets have your report. Maverick: Everything went fine, sir. There were Kilrathi at Nav 1, but they won't be going home. Halcyon: And the transmission? Maverick: It came right on time, sir. Halcyon: Good, I appreciate your cooperation on these missions Maverick. Maverick: Thank you sir. Halcyon: At least that much good came of it. Dismissed.

[TALK TO SHOTGLASS] Shotglass: Hello there, Maverick. What can I get you? Maverick: The usual Sam, thanks. Anything new going on? Shotglass: Not really. That offensive is looking pretty definite, but we still don't know where or when. I know the cats were building a research base there a couple years ago, but who's to say for sure? If you follow our pattern so far, we've been clearing a sort of path to that system. It fits. We'll find out for sure soon, I suppose.

[TALK TO MANIAC] Maniac: Hey Maverick! They finally let me out of sick bay! I was hoping that we'd fly a mission together… but I have to be back in sickbay in another hour. But I'm sure they'll send me back to active duty soon… and we'll fly a mission together then. I know how much you want to be my wingman, Maverick. And I know that we're going to do something important. I don't know what it is yet, but I'm sure we'll wipe out a lot of the furballs before they kill us. Won't that be great? Well, I guess I'll have just one more drink before I go back to sickbay.

[TALK TO ANGEL] Angel: Hello, Maverick. I've been writing a letter to Bossman's wife. I want her to understand what happened. Maverick: Angel… it wasn't your fault. You have to understand that. Angel: Je comprends, mon ami, but it is a very hard truth to face. I have always thought of myself as different from you and the others… that if I did not care about anything but myself and perfecting my skills, I could never be hurt, never feel pain or fear. But I was so very wrong, non? If you would, Maverick, just sit with me for a while. I think I need your company right now.

[MISSION BRIEFING, ANCHORAGE SYSTEM] Halcyon: All right pilots, listen up, we've got a lot to cover. The Confederation, as you may have heard, is gearing up for a major offensive. When and where I am not yet authorized to reveal, so bear with me. We have been assigned escort duty, to get troopships to the vicinity of the offensive. I know I don't have to tell you how important this is, without those troops the offensive would be lost. Maverick, you and Doomsday are Alpha wing. Pick up your Drayman right outside the Claw, then head to Nav 2, via Nav 1. The Drayman will jump at Nav 2. We have reports of enemy activity directly between here and Nav 2. Come back that way and check it out. Any questions? Maverick: No Sir. Halcyon: Very well… {You listen as the commander makes the rest of the assignments] Halcyon: All right pilots, that's it. Go to it and good luck.


[MISSION DEBRIEFING, ANCHORAGE SYSTEM] Halcyon: Lt., lets have your report. Maverick: Yes sir. There were several wings of Kilrathi ad Nav1. Mostly Jalthi. They weren't much trouble. Nav 2 had four Krants, but they were also easy to take care of. The Drayman jumped out safely, right on time. And there were only 2 Salthi between Nav 2 and the Claw, sir. Halcyon: Excellent, I did not want to tell you earlier, but that particular Drayman was carrying the Vice-Admiral of the fleet. Lets go over the flight recorder data. From the flight recorder I see you took out X Kilrathi ships. Doomsday didn't ice any of the enemy ships. Dismissed.

[TALK TO SHOTGLASS] Shotglass: Maverick, what are you doing here? All pilots are supposed to be in briefing! You'd better get there immediately!

[MISSION BRIEFING, ANCHORAGE SYSTEM] Halcyon: Let's get started. I've got some bad news. The Kilrathi somehow got wind of our location and mission. Patrols have reported many wings of Kilrathi fighters headed our way. Your job is to get out there and take care of them, protecting the Tiger's Claw. [You wait as the Colonel assigns the other wings]

Gamma wing is Maverick and Doomsday, with Maverick as wingleader. Follow the patrol in your Nav computers, destroying any Kilrathi you find. Get out there and stop those fighters, pilots. Dismissed.


[MISSION DEBRIEFING, ANCHORAGE SYSTEM] Halcyon: Welcome back Maverick, lets hear your report. Maverick: There was trouble everywhere, sir. There was a Ralari at Nav 2, and a Snakier at Nav 3. They won't be troubling us any longer, though. Halcyon: That would have been the bulk of their strike fleet, good work Lt.. Maverick: Thank you, sir. Also there were fighters all over the place, but they've been taken care of. Halcyon: Good work, lets go over the mission report. Your kills totaled X, Maverick. Doomsday was blanked. Dismissed pilots.

Comm Officer: Colonel, Jump point is 8 seconds away… 5, 4, 3, 2. [The Tiger's Claw jumps into the Jakarta system].

JAKARTA SYSTEM [TALK TO SHOTGLASS] Shotglass: Maverick, what did I tell you? I bet we're going to strike that research base. Maybe not right away, but we'll get her. Maverick: I hope so, Sam. Shotglass: Rumor is it's where they developed the dreadnought that destroyed Goddard. Now they're supposedly working on Stealth technology. Invisible ships, can you imagine? They wouldn't show up on radar, and you couldn't see them through the canopy. It gives me the shivers, we've got to stop that.

[TALK TO DOOMSDAY] Doomsday: Hello, Maverick. Sit down and join us. I just wanted to tell you that you're not a bad wingleader. Maverick: Thanks, St. Claire. I do my best. Doomsday: I've had some terrible ones in my time, and believe me, I know the difference. Since Jazz and I arrived from the Austin I've been impressed with the pilots of the Tiger's Claw. They're not bad, really. Jazz: That's high praise from Doomsday, I've never heard him be anything but a pessimist. Doomsday: That way I'm never disappointed.

[TALK TO JAZZ] Jazz: Hey Maverick, how are you holding up? I'm looking forward to this big offensive. I'll finally get a chance to prove myself here on the Claw, since it looks like I won't be going back to the Austin any time soon. In fact, the Colonel mentioned I might be transferred permanently soon. I'm already imagining what I could do if I was stationed here full time. It'd be great. You guys definitely need a piano in your recroom though just like we have on the Austin. I usually play several nights a week. I do kind of miss it. Maverick: You should talk to Shotglass, he might be able to arrange it. Jazz: Thanks, I think I'll do that.

[MISSION BRIEFING, JAKARTA SYSTEM] Halcyon: Maverick, this will be the last of these secret missions I've had you fly. I appreciate your continued cooperation. Maverick: It's no problem Colonel. Halcyon: Here's the plan, then. I need you to fly to Nav1 through an asteriod field. The field is probably infested with Kilrathi, so be careful. Once you get there the drill is the same, Receive the transmission and return to the Claw. Think you can handle it? Maverick: Yes sir! Will I be in the Dralthi again? Halcyon: Yes. Lets go to it, and Maverick, fly carefully. Maverick: Thank you, sir.


[MISSION DEBRIEFING, JAKARTA SYSTEM] Maverick: Everything went fine, sir, at first. There were some Salthi in the field, but I took care of them. Halcyon: How did the transmission go, anyhow? Maverick: It came right on time, sir. Halcyon: Excellent, we'll get that data to tactical. I appreciate your cooperation. Maverick: It's been an honor, sir. Halcyon: Dismissed.

[TALK TO SHOTGLASS] Shotglass: Hello, Maverick. What can I get for you? Everything going okay? Maverick: As well as it ever does, and you? Shotglass: Pretty good, pretty good. Got a new shipment of Goddard special in. It'll be the last too, cause of those cats. We'll save it for a special occasion, maybe when our mission is through. Maverick: That's a good idea Sam, I'll look forward to it.

[TALK TO SPIRIT] Spirit: Maverick, I just saw Colonel Halcyon in the corridor minutes ago. He was speaking with Ralgha, the Kilrathi captain. Did you know I have never seen a Kilrathi before? I thought I would hate him, because of what his people have done to us. But I did not feel anything at all. Not hatred or anything else. Only empty, Completely empty. Sometimes I feel we have been fighting forever, that this war will never be over. Maverick: The Kilrathi started this war Spirit, but I know we'll end it someday. Spirit: I hope so, my friend, I truly hope so.

[TALK TO ANGEL] Angel: Hello, Maverick. Is everything all right with you? Spirit was telling me more about her fiancee. I sympathize with her, but it is hard for me to understand how she feels. I have never cared as deeply for one person as she does for Hiro. Perhaps someday, when this war is over, I will have a chance to fall in love. But I sound like a teenager, non?

[MISSION BRIEFING, JAKARTA SYSTEM] Halcyon: All right, people, we've got work to do. We're getting closer to the strike target… and there are some Kilrathi defenders that need to be taken out now. Maverick, you and Jazz are Iota wing. You are to fly a three point patrol to Navs 1, 2 and 3. Destroy any enemy you encounter. There have been reports of carriers in the vicinity of Navs 2 and 3. If there are carriers, they are your priority target. Any questions? Maverick: No, sir. Halcyon: Very well, then. [You listen as the Colonel makes the rest of the assignments] Halcyon: All right pilots, you are dismissed.


[MISSION DEBRIEFING, JAKARTA SYSTEM] Halcyon: Maverick, lets have your report Maverick: Yes sir, the carriers were at both Nav 2 and Nav 3. They won't be troubling us any longer. Halcyon: Congratulations Maverick, that will help cripple the Kilrathi effort in this system. Well, lets go over the flight recorders. The recorder shows you credited with toasting X and Jazz didn't take down any enemy ships. Well, get some rest pilots. Dismissed.

[TALK TO SHOTGLASS] Shotglass: Hello, Maverick. What will it be? Maverick: The usual, Sam, Any news? Shotglass: None to speak of. There is a rumor that the strike could be any minute now. But it's just a rumor. If you ask me, though, I think that's the smartest thing we could do right now. Maverick: Hit 'em hard and fast, that's how I'd do it. Use surprise to our advantage. Shotglass: We're giving those cats too much time to prepare. But, I'm not in charge and the Admiral doesn't ask me, so I keep my opinions to myself.

[TALK TO KNIGHT] Knight: Haven't seen you in a while, Maverick. That's my own fault, though. I haven't felt very social lately, I'm not sure why, but I've had this feeling of doom hanging over me. Like I'm not going to make it back next time. But I've come back every time, so, who knows…

[TALK TO JAZZ] Jazz: Hey Maverick, will you join us? I was just telling Knight here about some of those manuevers you were using on that last mission. That was some nice flying, by the way, maybe some time you can show them to me? Maverick: Sure, Jazz, after this campaign when I'm a little less tense. Jazz: All worked up? Yeah, I know how that goes. I'm real excited about the base assault. When do you think it'll happen? Maverick: I don't know. Whenever the Admiral feels like it, I guess.


Settle down, people, it's time to get to work. There's a convoy of Kilrathi ships coming through. They've finally realized we're going to strike their base and are rushing to get defenses in place. If we can take out this convoy it will make our job later that much easier.

[You listen as the Commander makes the assignments] …and Maverick, you and Jazz will be Xi wing. Your assignment is a direct strike on the convoy. Fly directly to Nav 1 and wreak as much havoc as possible. Transports are a priority, as they are most likely to be carrying weapons. Other than that, take out all you can. Any questions? Maverick: No, sir. Jazz: No, sir. Halcyon: That's all. Pilots, prepare for launch.


[MISSION DEBRIEFING, JAKARTA SYSTEM] Halcyon: Report, Maverick. Maverick: Yes sir. Upon arrival at Nav 1 we sighted 3 Lumbari a Fralthi and numerous fighters. None of the big ships survived, and most of the fighters were destroyed as well. Halcyon: Excellent, that's just the kind of report I like to hear. Well, lets go over the details. The recorder shows you credited with killing X, Maverick. Jazz didn't take down any enemy ships. Well, get some rest pilots. Dismissed.

[TALK TO SHOTGLASS] Shotglass: Maverick, what are you doing here? All pilots are supposed to be in briefing! You'd better get there immediately!

[MISSION BRIEFING, JAKARTA SYSTEM] Halcyon: All right pilots, listen up. This is it. Today we assault a Kilrathi research base. We have proof, thanks to Maverick, that this base has been instrumental in the development of numerous weapons systems, and is currently developing and refining stealth technology. This base was also where the Sivar dreadnought, the weapon used to destroy Goddard, was developed. It's a fairly straightforward mission. [You listen attentively as the Colonel makes the assignments] Halcyon: Maverick, you and Iceman are Delta wing. Prepare to launch immediately, pilots.


Maverick: Got him! [Fires a missile into the base] Maverick: Uh-oh, better get out quick. [Base explodes, Raptor afterburns away] Maverick: Too close for comfort.

Male Rapier: Lt. Armstrong, this is Zeta 3, are you all right? Over.

Maverick: Uh, yeah, I'm fine, over. Iceman: You had us all worried for a minute. We sure taught those furballs a lesson today. Maverick: Right, lets go home. Halcyon: Attention all vessels of strike force Delta, prepaire to make jump.

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