TCS Austin is a Terran Confederation Gettysburg-class cruiser.[1] Its officers include Colonel Zaritsky[2] and Major Chapman.[3]

It was scheduled to join the TCS Tiger's Claw in the Firekka system as part of the Honor Guard for the Diplomatic Corps who came for the treaty conference about the Firekkans' membershp to the Confederation.[4] After the death of Bossman, Peter Halcyon arranged with Austin so that the ship withdrew to a more defensible position and to lend some of their combat pilots to the Claw.[5]

When Ralgha nar Hhallas announced his defection, pilots of the Austin boarded his ship, KIS Ras Nik'hra, to ensure that the Kilrathi would not change their minds.[6]

After the threats from Prince Thrakhath nar Kiranka, the Austin left the system, however a patrol by Prankster and Spirit protected it against an assault of Grathas until it jumped away to Corsair.[7] The Austin was also attacked by Hhriss, but Hunter, who was flying in a stolen Dralthi Mk. II, protected the ship.[8]

The Austin pulled out of the operation and its pilots were recalled from the Claw.[9] Later however Zaritsky asked Angel to take command of the Austin's fighter squadron and be promoted to Major.[2]

After the destruction of the Claw, Christopher Blair landed on the Austin. He claimed that his ship was destroyed by stealth fighters he witnessed, but no other pilot did, and his flight recorder mysteriously disappeared.[10]


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