The TCS Behemoth was a fictional Behemoth-class Dreadnought in the Wing Commander universe. Her first appearance was in the computer game Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger.


In the fictional Wing Commander universe, the TCS Behemoth was the result of the Behemoth Project, which took ten years of research and development and was led by Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn. Only one Behemoth-class Dreadnought was ever made. It was designed to destroy a planet by using a superlaser, similar to the Death Star from the Star Wars Universe. The Behemoth's goal was to destroy the Kilrathi homeworld, Kilrah.

In the computer game Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger, the TCS Behemoth did not finish construction. As a consequence it had missing turrets and weak shielding in certain areas on the ship, and was launched on 2669 to meet with the TCS Victory in the Torgo system for a test run in desperation to end the long Terran-Kilrathi War. The Behemoth was tested on Loki VI, a planet which orbitted a quasar, which resulted in complete communications loss, leaving the Kilrathi on the planet unable to call for help or reinforcements. The test proves to be a complete success and the Behemoth completely destroys the planet, although it was the only shot the ship would ever fire.

Colonel Ralgha nar Hhallas, a Confed pilot and comrade of Christopher Blair, transmitted key weak points on the Behemoth to the Kilrathi. As a result, Kilrathi bombers assaulted the TCS Behemoth and the TCS Victory. The TCS Behemoth was destroyed, and the Victory was forced to retreat from the battle, suffering a major blow for the Terran Confederation.


  • It is openly stated in the game that the Behemoth had no laser turrets or keel mounts. However, in the FMV that shows the Behemoth exploding, you can clearly see that two laser turrets are firing at the fleeing Kilrathi bombers. It is plausible to say that these turrets were hastily installed during final preparations for the failed attack on Kilrah.
  • It is possible to end this mission without allowing the Behemoth to be destroyed. If the player flies towards the jump probe after launching from the Victory and destroys it, the Victory will give you clearance to land and say "We're still in business". The ship will then hyper to the Alcor System, where the cutscene that shows Admiral Tolwyn lamenting the Behemoth's loss and Blair mourning the death of Colonel Jeannette Devereaux is played. Considering that the Behemoth is still assumed destroyed and the player doesn't witness Devereaux's death scene by skipping the mission, destroying the probe at the start of the mission is by all terms pointless.

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