A hi-tech ship employed by the Special Operations, disguised as a Free Trader-class freighter. James Taggart was assigned to it.


The ship had the red and green pinpoints of equipment and controls shining at full strength. The control room looked like a techno-fiend's dream. Past it was a little room crammed with equipment and tools. The bunkrooms were at the end of this little corridor.[1]


On the week before 2654.110, the Bonnie Heather was escorted near the Kurasawa system by Maniac and Angel from the Tiger's Claw. Maniac was said to have been given his Ace at this time.[2]

Bonnie Heather was docked on Sol Station and Paladin and Gwen Larson were assigned to it impendng a secret mission in Kilrathi space.[3] The ship was hijacked by Hunter with the help of Kirha and K'Kai and they used it to the Mission to Ghorah Khar.[1]

Years later, the Bonnie Heather was in Ghorah Khar system while Paladin was investigating the situation on planet and figuring out why Prince Thrakhath nar Kiranka had destroyed the manufacturing site 10 years ago when the Kilrathi retreated. His agents on the planet informed him that the Empire was about to retake the system. He was en route to TCS Concordia with that information to Geoffrey Tolwyn. A wing of Jalkehis attacked him but he was rescued by Hobbes and Prankster, and escorted to the Concordia. There he was reunited with his old friend Prankster while enjoying a glass of Sukhar May'ya and offered him a position on the Bonnie Heather.[4]

Later Paladin talked again with Prankster who was bitter after the events of Olympus Station and he renewed his offer to join him; giving a cryptic hint that there are many ways to fight the war.[5][6]

Paladin was once more in Bonnie Heather, and was under attack from Grikaths when discovered during a patrol by Prankster and Stingray, and then safely taken back to the Concordia.[7] Soon later he had to leave, and Prankster with Stingray escorted the Bonnie Heather through a wing of Drakhris out of system.[8] Template:Ref

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