The TCS Vesuvius was a Vesuvius-class heavy carrier and the first operational ship of her class. Her first appearance was in the computer game Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom.


The TCS Vesuvius was christened by James Taggart. Its logo was the Mount Vesuvius volcano located in Naples, Italy.

The Vesuvius was the first Vesuvius-class heavy carrier to be constructed for use for the Terran Confederation. She was built at the Orion Shipyards at a massive 1,600 meters long and is considered to be the largest CV class in the Terran Confederation fleet. The ship and her class carried a crew of 7,000 men and carried an overwhelming number starfighters, which stood at 400.

In the computer game Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom, the TCS Vesuvius was deployed in the year 2673 in response to the Union of Border Worlds conflict. Under the command of Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn, the Vesuvius was chasing the BWS Intrepid in 2673 when the TCS Mount St. Helens, the sister-ship to the TCS Vesuivius and the second of the class, jumped in to assist the Intrepid. This diversion allowed Christopher "Maverick" Blair to fly through the launch bay of the Vesuvius and launch a flash-pak, a weapon that superheats the ship and disables the ship entirely.

The flash-pak destroyed the Vesuvius, though not before Tolwyn was able to make his escape in a transport shuttle.


The TCS Vesuvius was the heavy carrier not to be reckoned with. With the length of 1,600 meters and a weight of 250,000 metric tonnes, The Vesuvius was a massive ship and was considered the largest in the Terran Confederation's fleet. It also carried a large complement of 400 starfighters.

Being true to its class, the Vesuvius was well-equipped for its attack and defense capabilities. She was equipped with 14 Dual-Mount Anti-Matter Guns, 16 Mass-Driver Turrets, 24 Dual-Mount Laser Turrets, and 2 Torpedo Tubes. It's hull was made with 4,000 cm of alloy for its armor and was shielded with its Phase Shields, making her a very strong and durable carrier to fight against.

Other Vesuvius-class Heavy CarriersEdit

TCS McKinley- The TCS McKinley was active in 2681 just before the Nephilim invasion. Its pilots flew for the christening of the TCS Midway when that vessel was launched. Little is known about this vessel's combat history.

TCS Eisen- The TCS Eisen was active during the Nephilim outbreak in 2681. It assisted the TCS Midway in the G'mar System by resupplying it with new starfighters and pilots. It is presumably named for Captain William Eisen from WC3 and WC4.

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