Targu-class frigate
Type Frigate
Class Targu
Weapons Laser, Mass driver rounds, plasma energy bolt]]s[1]
Affiliation Empire of Kilrah
Fighters Vak fighters[1]
Equipment Seekers[1]

The Targu-class was a type of frigate used by the Kilrathi Empire on the eve of the Terran-Kilrathi War.


In 2634, 3 frigates were in the Hallin system. When the smuggler ship Phantom traversed the system, 2 accelerated to block its way towards the jump point and 4 Vak fighters were launched it. The Phantom on its way fooled briefly the frigate's firewall while shooting against the fighters.

The frigates started coming about to align with the Phantom 's new course. The ship then launched a nuke mine and a fake one; one of the frigates was destoryed, while the other changed course to avoid the remaining mine, not knowing it was fake. It launched 3 seekers against the Phantom. As it approached the frigate's volley, the Vaks maintained some distance.[1]

The Phantom managed to escape. The loss of the frigate created a fuss among the Kilrathi, and security was tightened.[2]


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