The beginnings of the Confederaton saw Earth's recovery from the ecocatastrophe and reestablished connections with the outer planets of the Sol system. With the advent of the Jump Drive the Confed started to establish interstellar colonies and reached Hawking and Gemini Sectors. This brought tension with the Pilgrim Alliance which accused the Confed for violating the earlier Treaty of Luna.[1]

The Alliance decided to cripple the Confed's colonization efforts attacking the Port of Titan, the main station for jump-ships. However the Confed was richer and stronger than expected and the force had to retreat. Confed offered a new round of negotiations but was ignored. However Confed planets suffered an aggressive guerrilla attacks and disruption of shipping. Confederation Terrans were enslaved or summarly executed.[1]

After the destruction of the military outpost and mining colony on Celeste Confed formally declared war against the Alliance. During the Pilgrim War the Confederation maintained a defensive posture which Pilgrims perceived as a weakness; however instead of liberating its planets, the Confed mobilized its industrial resources into a full war footing preparing to mount a coordinated invasion targeted on the center of Pilgrim power. Pilgrims were desperate and staked everything on an all-or-nothing defense on Peron, until the remnants of the Confed Grand Fleet were reinforced and overwhelmed the defenders. When the Confed joint fleets jumped into Beacon system they were met with an offer of surrender. Peace accords were signed at Cygnus at which time the Pilgrim Alliance officially ceased to exist and the Confed absorbed its worlds.[1]

In the first third of the 27th century, while expanding into the Vega Sector the Confederation met the Kilrathi, which was followed by political tension and skirmishes. After the CS Iason incident, Confed stopped any non-military activity beyond the border of the Vega Sector. This fateful first contact was the beginning of a state of hostility between the Confederation and the Empire of Kilrah which was not ceased until the end of the Terran-Kilrathi War. Four times, heavily escorted envoys attempted to open up lines of communication, only to find armed aggression and retreated to Confed space under fire.[2]


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