This was a book published between 2689 and 2701 by Carl T. LaFong about his life as the Kilrathi War's Greatest Ace (he was actually one of the war's twenty greatest aces alongside Christopher Blair and Todd Marshall[1]). Much of the material was the inspiration for the Wing Commander holo-vid, a bionetic holo-vid vid-game work by Tristan Roberts. It was published some two years after the two part saga was released and discussed LaFong's involvement in the making of the holo-vids and his own celebrity success.

LaFong only served for 15 years of the war, coincidently his experiences mirrored those of Christopher Blair even down to being punished by Tolwyn and sent to Caernarvon Station for ten years with Blair. He retired not long after the events of the destruction of the Kilrathi invasion fleet over Terra.

The Memoirs would see competition with other authors who served in the era including Jason Armstrong and Todd Marshall whom Carl T. LaFong flew with during the war; The sheer exhilaration with which Marshall tells his war stories gives his book a leg up on the likes of Armstrong and LaFong.” —Michael Gallagher[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

According to the Star*Soldier develioper and writer notes this book and Carl T. LaFong canonically exist within the universe as something separate from the memoirs of Christopher Blair;

Prankster is referenced as a separate canonical character alongside Maverick (Blair) and Todd Marshal (Maniac) in Star*Soldier on page 7, According to the writer and designers notes for understanding this reference;

"Prankster" - This isn't the last time you'll see this: as awful as it is, I find the idea that Carl "Prankster" LaFong (the character from the Wing Commander I & II Ultimate Strategy Guide) and Chris Blair are two different people hilarous."[9]

Another reference is made on page 26 of Star*Soldier

“The sheer exhilaration with which Marshall tells his war stories gives his book a leg up on the likes of Armstrong and LaFong.” —Michael Gallagher

This reference is explained by the designers and writers as such;

"Armstrong and LaFong" - I love this joke and I get the feeling everyone else hates it. Armstrong and LaFong were alternate names for Blair, used in Super Wing Commander and the Wing Commander I & II Ultimate Strategy Guide respectively. This is actually addressing a real book, since the conceit of that latter guide is that now-octogenerian LaFong has written his memoirs and you're reading them. Sorta contradicts Blair's death, too, if they're the same character...

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