Time travel is a technology developed in the Tri-System region. It appears to isolated to that region and virtually anywhere else in the galaxy (except around jump points, and the use of the Akwende Drive, and certain Pilgrim abilities to sense space-time). It primarily throws a person foreword in time (and is unknown if it will allow a person to go in reverse), so in a sense is closer to a form of time dilation.

The Tri-System confederation had developed Nuke'em a powerful weapon that can take out most ships in one shot, it contains short-range time travel devices. It is a small synchronic temporal warp generator which at the point of detonation throws the bomber marginally forward in time after the blast, giving him an escape from the carnage. However, it does not extend this benefit to any cargo ships or wingmen you may have in tow. The Campaign for Real Time considered this weapon to be a breach of most time laws and lobbied against its legality, until one day, quite by accident,

DEDFLASH is a space/time cruiser can predict the future of a flight.

Products at Crazy Eric's Ordnance Emporiums are all available on a buy now, and pay in another time continuum finance plan.

It seems though at some point even the Terran Confederation obtained access to time travel technology, as the CDATANET was a Confederation Armed Forces data network kept and maintained in 20th century earth. It was created and maintained by Incan Monkey God Studios from Austin, Texas, Terra. It is not clear why the Terran Confederation kept data records in the past, how they gained access to time travel technology, nor when they started sending data back into the past. Chris McCubbin was the Chief Archivist, and Peter Telep was a historian for CDATANET. McCubbin was active between 1998.271 and March 1999, releasing some of the data as the Wing Commander Confederation Handbook.

Pilgrims apparently were capable of time travel. Time and distance meant nothing in the continuum. Their thoughts existed on the first waves of the universe and existed at the dawn and end of everthing.[1] With this ability Christopher Blair's mother was able to send him a vision of the future, of a time beyond the Nephilim War, beyond his alleged 'death' during the war (around the time of his return to Earth, and the future pilgrim invasion of Earth).

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