The Ulysses Corridor is a jump line, the longest and most dangerous, that connects the Sol System with the Vega Sector. Its final leg is "guarded" by Scylla and Charybdis.[1]

During the Terran-Kilrathi War, the Pegasus Station served as the headquarters of the Vega Fleet HQ in the Ulysses Corridor.

Ater the Pegasus was destroyed by Kilrathi forces, the TCS Tiger's Claw jumped to Ulysses to investigate. Christopher Blair and Jeannette Devereaux discovered a Kilrathi ConCom among the asteroids, and also revealed their presence. Jason Sansky ordered to destroy the ConCom, but this proved wrong, as the pilots were led to a Dorkir-class and the Claw was soon under attack by a Battleship and 2 Destroyers. After a brief stop for repairs, and boarding the Kilrathi ConCom for fuel cells, the Claw jumped the Charybdis and joined the TCS Concordia battle group in the Sol System.[2]


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