Vakka was a Kilrathi Baron and father of Jukaga nar Vakka. Although being one of the 8 nobles present in the Imperial council, he often opposed contemporary politics and questioned many decisions.

Among other things, Vakka questioned whether slaves should be intimidated or punished for doing their work more efficiently, but believed that they should be given some hope, or it would be impossible for them to work well. A part of his character also pitied the races conquered by the Empire, acknowledging their bravery, and some were more intelligent than the Kilrathi. Furthermore, he questioned whether the present state of the Empire of Kilrah would be sustainable; expanding recklessly through the universe, exterminating and subjugating races and replacing them with Kilrathi rulers, instead of allying with them, would only create scarce forces and thin borders.[1]

Vakka's oldest friend was Harga, an old veteran who lost appeal to wars.[1]

Sometime before 2634 his clan invaded the Terran colony on Fawcett's World and Vakka was assigned to spend a year and study the humans. Getting to know them, he admired their unique tenacity of spirit and realized that the entity known as the Terran Confederation had a certain vibrancy and depth, deep web of alliances and colonies, quite unlike the Empire which resembled a hollow bubble. The destruction of such potential would not benefit the Empire.[2][1]

He was present in the Imperial Palace when The Emperor announced his decision of war against the Terrans, and was the only one among the 8 clan leaders who did not growl in approvement. To evade a blood challenge, he indicated ceremoniously his submission placing down his nagga tooth dagger and explained his considerations as it would be not the ideal moment for a new campaign, knowing about the power from the center of the galaxy.[2]

He encountered opposition from Crown Prince Gilkarg nar Kiranka (who was eager to win his own campaign and gain honor), and was accused as a coward by Gilkarg's eldest son, Prince Ratha nar Kiranka. Thrakhath nar Kiranka even suggested executing Vakka. Ratha and Gilkarg countered his concerns by saying that conquering the Terrans would make them stronger to encounter the approaching power.[2]

Having met with no support,[2] he spent the following days by having slaves working on a prototype shield-penetrating torpedo capable of damaging the ships themselves. The idea was taken from information on some Terran war games, taken from the human prisoners. It was tested repeatedly against shield generators before against a full-size ship. Still 1/3 malfunctioned.

80 days before the scheduled assault, he demonstrated a hologram with an Asjaka destroying a Butha-class with the use of that weapon. Although it was still in very early testing stages, the Crown Prince ordered him to push his slaves on perfecting this technology in 80 days, ready to be used against the Terran base at McAuliffe on the Confederation Day.[1]

Vakka knew that the Emperor intended that many noble youths perished in the assault so that his clan would be even stronger. To spare his son, he insisted to Nargth to remove him from the fighters and have him as his aide. He also arranged for him to visit Fawcett's World and meet with Abram, study human culture and understand their foes better, when he would take his place in the clan.[1]


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