Vaktoth heavy fighter
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The Vaktoth Heavy Attack Fighter is a Kilrathi spacecraft found in the Wing Commander universe. Its first appearance was in Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger.


The "Vaktoth" is the name of a family of heavy fighters used by the Kilrathi. It was heavily armed and shielded; the addition of jump capability allowed it to conduct fast strike missions before defenders could properly react and pursue. It was armed with two ion cannons, two plasma cannons and a tachyon gun mounted in the front and two meson guns in the rear turret. In addition, the Vaktoth carries eight heat-seeking missiles. The Vaktoth was generally considered a match for the Confederation HF-66 Thunderbolt VII Heavy Fighter.

There is a special variant of the Vaktoth heavy fighter which replaces much of the weaponry of the fighter with special electronics and jamming systems. This fighter is known as the Zartoth-class Electronic Warfare Fighter. It only carries the single tachyon cannons and does not have the tail gun of the standard Vaktoth heavy fighter. As well, the Zartoth only carries a pair of long range missiles compared to eight on the standard Vaktoth heavy fighter. Still, the electronic warfare fighter retains the heavy shield and armor of the standard fighter. The Zartoth was made for two basic missions. One is to use its advanced sensors to detect the systems on other ships. The other is to jam communications and sensors of other craft, including capital ships. The ship fills a similar role to Confederation electronic warfare corvettes although systems have a reduced range compared to those on a corvette.

After the end of the Kilrathi War, the Kilrathi refitted the Vaktoth and made some minor improvements in performance over the war-era variant. The plasma cannon were replaced by particle cannon and the rear dual-meson turret was replaced by a laser turret. Two missile loadouts were known to have been carried: the fighter loadout consisted of four heatseekers and four IFF missiles while the bomber loadout consisted of four heatseekers and two heavy torpedoes. However, by this time, the Vaktoth was far outdated, and with recent advances in technology, the Vaktoth would be considered obsolete.

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