Valgard is the code-name of a star system deep in the territory of the Kilrathi Empire, such named by the Terran Confederation during Operation: Thor's Hammer.

  1. After the Confed fighters destroyed the fuel tankers in the area, the Sivar was low on fuel. The TCS Tiger's Claw headed back along the Lumbari-class and find the enemy fleet. All wings were launched along slightly different courses. Prankster and Iceman flew as Mu Wing. They engaged a Lumbari with its Krant escort, obviously heading to the Sivar; then they engaged a Dorkir-class with a Jalthi escort; then a convoy of 2 Fralthi-class with an escort of Krants and a support from Grathas and Jalthis. On their way back they found a Ralari-class with a Gratha escort.[1]
    In the debriefing dialogue, Bluehair incorrectly states that the Lumbari had a Dralthi escort.
  2. As the mission progressed to unknown territories, tension overcame pilots and crew of the Claw. There were rumors that the mission was suicide and violent incidents were reported in the Rec Room. In the meantime, the Kilrathi orphaned ships who belonged to the former supply depot in the Bifrost system, made a desperate attack against the Claw. Wings launched to defend it; Prankster again flew with Iceman as Mu Wing. They fended off waves of Krants, Jalthis and Grathas and another wing of Krants.[2]

When they landed, the Claw jumped away and went to the Vigrid system.

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