Victor O' Brien (callsign Mango) was a pilot on the Tiger's Claw. He was a member of Gunner's squadron, along with Loaf, and R.

Behind the scenesEdit

Pilgrim Truth establishes that extrakinetics such as Pilgrims or others mutant humans may be able to develop the ability to project themselves in more place than one across what is called the "continuum", not create clones per se but create doubles, multiples of dopplegangers each physically existing and each part of the whole. This is used to explain how one pilot Mango is able to attack Christopher Blair's own projected self from outside of his fighter, and inside of his fighter after Blair had returned to it. These projections can be noncorporeal or corporeal depending on the abilities of the individual.

Some believe he had died, but Blair believes he has seen him elsewhere. Blair suggests extrakinetics as an explanation of him being in more than one place at once as well as appearing to die, but not actually dieing, and coming back later. He points this out as a theory, but has no way of knowing if it really would happen. This ability may be both natural instinct or even controllable. Also adding the ability to project these individual beings into other places (sort of like teleportation) This appears to be a nod to the fans speculations about dead or disappearing characters coming back; to offer an explanation to a number of characters with similar discrepancies such as Knight, Kien Chen, Shamus and Delli Taggart, etc (it could even apply to Blair's "disappearance" during the Nephilim War which allowed for his return, as he shows the ability to pull it off in the book, and is shown a vision of his return after a 'perceived death'). Even Blair's mother is able to return after her 'perceived' death.

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