Victoria joined the Academy with the 201st Plebe class and was trained on Hilthros. Cadet Christopher Blair showed some interest towards her; after a failed training simulation he approached her, and she accepted his invitation to study Kilrathi Psychology together.

Commodore Geoffrey Tolwyn, during his visit to the Academy organized an exercise with mock fire. Victoria was assigned to Maverick's Blue Team, and he put her second in command. To teach his friend Maniac a lesson, Maverick kept him occupied while sending his vector trail to Victoria, allowing his Blue Team to have an advantage over Maniac's Red Team.

Things got complicated when a spy sabotaged the fighters so that they would not register damage. Victoria got a lock on Jazzman and fired, destroying his Scimitar's engines. This event shocked Victoria, although Jazzman managed to eject. She reported the event, and Tolwyn ordered them to return to the Academy.

After the exercise Tolwyn announced them that they'd continue their training on the TCS Tiger's Claw under his command. Victoria however realised that she is too sensitive for battles; she wore her civilian clothes and announced to him that she'd quit her training.[2]


  1. It is assumed that she is around the same age as Maverick and Maniac
  2. Red and Blue