The W.E.C. was a political entity on ancient Earth.

It's possible that the WEC flourished around the 22nd century; see below.

It was a military/corporate alliance that almost destroyed the developing nations at the fringes of a developed first world. Such alliances strip-mined whole sections of Earth to exhaustion in order to fuel themselves.[1]

The WEC demonstrated a destructive policy against on the populace. A civil war which eventually disolved the WEC violently.[2]


It seems that the WEC, with its disolution, made way for the Terran Confederation.

Robert Brindle drew comparisons with the WEC while criticizing the distribution of resources.[1] Sam Langtry also mentioned the WEC while criticizing the policies of the Confederation.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The brief references to the W.E.C. actually refer to the World Economic Consortium, a tyrannical world government of the dystopian universe of the Crusader video games universe, also by Origin. The Crusader video games take place in the 22nd century.

What's the actual relationship to the Wing Commander series (or maybe even other Origin games)? Crusader is using the same dating system as the WC games (and placing it before those, as far as I remember) and the WEC is being mentioned in the WC series as part of terran history. Did you just add some WC references as easter eggs to the Crusader games or did you actually think of them as part of the same universe?
There is no relationship between Crusader’s universe and that of any other game. The designers liked putting in the occasional cross-reference to other Origin titles – like the crashed Kilrathi spaceship from Wing Commander that can be found on a farm in Ultima VII – but those were basically just Easter eggs and no serious thought was ever given as to how the disparate game worlds might be one and the same.[1]

According to the Star*Soldier production notes;

CONCEPT: Most Origin games included this type of in-joke, if not in their manuals then in the games themselves. Voices of War advertised the Bioforge movie, Victory Streak had a review of System Shock, etc. I should note that these were in-jokes - no one meant for all Origin games to have a shared continuity.
"true story" - Okay, despite what I just said, a bone for those single-continuity guys. This actually refers to the fact that the Secret Ops' fiction established that the WEC was a former Earth government in the Wing Commander continuity. Way-back-when, Captain Johnny (who wrote that fiction) noted that the only thing preventing the two games from taking place in the same world was Crusader's use of teleportation.[2]


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