Throughout the course of Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger, the player will encounter several elite Kilrathi pilots who pose a greater threat to the player's war efforts than typical pilots. Their termination is essential to success in the events of the story.

Najji nar RagitaghaEdit

Najji nar Ragitagha, also known as Fireclaw, was one of the premiere Kilrathi pilots of 2669. He was also a member of the Ragitagha clan. Fireclaw was noted for his flight maneuver in which he would burn out, turn a perfect 360 degree angle and then plow head-on into the enemy. He preferred to fly his own specially-configured Darket Light Fighter.

Fireclaw was among the Kilrathi raiders who took part in harassing the Terran population of the Locanda System shortly before Operation: Unseen Death. Despite his superb flying, he and his entire wing were exterminated by Colonel Christopher Blair on the TCS Victory.

Bhuk nar Som'mersEdit

Bhuk nar Som'mers, better known as Bloodmist, was the premiere Kilrathi bomber pilot of 2669. As his name implies, he is entirely focused on warfare and is one of the most accurate shots the Kilrathi Imperial Fleet has to offer. He does not let taunts ruin his concentration on the battlefield and will often utilize all of his available resources in order to wipe out the enemy. He flies a Paktahn Bomber, a fitting craft for his blood lust.

Bloodmist led an assault on the Terran starbase in the Blackmane System prior to that system's fall after the destruction of Locanda IV. However, the assault failed when pilots from the Victory came to the station's aid, and Bloodmist was most likely killed by Colonel Blair.

Marjakh nar KurutakEdit

Marjakh nar Kurutak, famous for his callsign Stalker, was a famed pilot of the Strakha Stealth Fighter. In fact, Stalker was one of the test pilots for the spacecraft during their development in the 2650s. He was as well known for his prowess as he was for his innate stealth abilities. Stalker liked to cloak his starfighter and while in this mode, would sneak up on Terran starfighters and deliver the fatal blow. He put his relative weak starfighter to its fullest potential.

Stalker was stationed at Kilrah in 2669 in the hours before the planned Kilrathi assault on Earth. He tried to stop Colonel Blair and his strike force from approaching Kilrah with the Temblor Bomb, but failed and was shot down with his squad.

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